My Top Sephora Recommendations!

If you’re new to makeup or want to expand your collection and try something new, let me tell you which products I would recommend you try out next! Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder – Shade Cupcake This powder sets your makeup in place and brightens your undereye! I love how blurring and smoothing itContinue reading “My Top Sephora Recommendations!”

Mco Beauty Flawless Glow Review

I decided to try the Mco Beauty Flawless Glow base currently known as the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter dupe. The bottle itself is super similar, you may even say identical to the flawless filter, but is the product itself ACTUALLY a dupe?! Let’s get into it! The applicators are very similar but the Mco BeautyContinue reading “Mco Beauty Flawless Glow Review”


TIKTOK PAGE: Oliviajlopez Knowing that this is the final digital artefact and contextual report is bittersweet. Looking back at all the digital artefacts I’ve begun, developed or neglected indeed shows my growth as a person finding my way and footing in the digital world which has been exciting, fun and at times challenging to keepContinue reading “BEAUTY HAULS & REVIEWS CONTEXTUAL REPORT”

Beauty Reviews & Hauls August Recap

My goal for this subject has been to grow my online presence through my Tiktok page and I have had some progress. I feel like the past month has been going fairly well. If you didn’t know, I began this DA last year and fell head over heels for the process of creating content featuringContinue reading “Beauty Reviews & Hauls August Recap”

Beauty Hauls & Reviews

It is pretty obvious once meeting me that beauty & makeup is more than a love or a passion, it takes up the majority of my life. It is what I dream about in my sleep and what I know in my heart will always keep me sane. As my DA is a continuation ofContinue reading “Beauty Hauls & Reviews”

Who is Changing the Game in the Beauty Industry?

The beauty industry has evolved at such a tremendous pace that it can become overwhelming and expensive to keep up with. It is important to know who is in control of the industry to understand how this will affect the future of the beauty industry. Are consumers in charge of the beauty products that areContinue reading “Who is Changing the Game in the Beauty Industry?”

BCM206 BETA Update

Since my pitch video, I have begun my content creation process but rather than focusing on tutorials, I decided it was best for me to focus on reviews, more specifically on products Australians had access to. 2021 has been a great year of new product launches and even new brand launches that before this yearContinue reading “BCM206 BETA Update”

An Update on my Research Approach- Let’s Take a Trip Through Grande Lane

Having begun my DA, creating content and gathering information, I have been able to identify epiphanies that have stood out to me in the process. My Epiphanies Ariana Grande Eras are very specific to the time her music was released. Each fan will have different memories and feelings that are associated with each era. WhilstContinue reading “An Update on my Research Approach- Let’s Take a Trip Through Grande Lane”


It’s that time of the year again where DAs are in full swing, and production is just beginning. This time around I’ve decided to combine my love for makeup and a platform I’ve yet to create content on that has always intrigued me- Tiktok. My DA focuses on encouraging and teaching those who feel thatContinue reading “BCM206 Project Pitch- TIKTOK MAKEUP TUTORIALS AND REVIEWS”