BCM206 BETA Update


Since my pitch video, I have begun my content creation process but rather than focusing on tutorials, I decided it was best for me to focus on reviews, more specifically on products Australians had access to. 2021 has been a great year of new product launches and even new brand launches that before this year we couldn’t purchase.

In the last few months, both Mecca and Sephora have finally given Australians access to brands such as Rare Beauty, Makeup by Mario, Rose Inc, Charlotte Tilbury, Milk Makeup and now we finally have Kylie Cosmetics in-stores. With all of this newness, I was inspired to slightly change my DA’s direction. There are thousands of tutorials out there but makeup has no set rules, so why try to teach people how to do their makeup when its a way of self-expression. So I’ve decided its best to review products as they have always had a great influence in my makeup purchases.

Although my videos are mainly reviews, they all have an element or feel like a tutorial. My first few videos had this tutorial/review type of feel.


Testing colourpop blush and lite stixs! I think they’re pretty but definitely need to give them another go! #colourpopcosmetics #fypシ #makeupreview

♬ original sound – olivialopez

But as I continued my content creation process I felt like focusing more on the product rather than the application, and on the new product launches or just the newly purchased products I haven’t had the opportunity to test.

My DA follows the FIST model, FAST, INEXPENSIVE, SIMPLE and TINY. Fast as I’m able to create the content, edit and publish it much quicker than a youtube video. Inexpensive as I’m not purchasing extra products just for my DA but rather using what I have already purchased or would have purchased myself regardless of my DA’s topic. Simple as there is no crazy editing skills involved or a grand unachievable idea or concept that I would not be able to accomplish. Tiny because I’m using a simple concept of reviewing products to a small audience but has the ability to reach a larger audience.

Following this concept has been easy for me as this DA truly has captured my heart. I not only enjoy the content creation but the entire process. Since being in a lockdown, I have felt like I am in my element. This DA has made me feel like I have found what I should be doing with my life especially after graduating. No other DA so far has made me feel this exited for something I am doing. Although this is a DA, it has felt far from being an assignment and because of this, I’m so excited to continue to grow my platform and continue to improve my reviews and tutorials and maybe even receive more feedback that would assist me and my content creation.

If you haven’t already, follow my DA below!


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