DA on TikTok: @oliviajlopez This semester for BCM206, I decided to venture out into the world of TikTok. As a devoted user of the platform, I thought it would be best to test out the platform and for once be the creator rather than the viewer. I began to think about what I hoped toContinue reading “´┐╝CONTEXTUAL ESSAY – TIKTOK MAKEUP TUTORIALS AND REVIEWS”

Deception & Lack of Trust in Social Media, Meme Warfare & Hacker Culture

Social media was once used to connect virtually with our families and has now grown to be one of the best tools for spreading information. Providing and spreading information can be intentional for more than just awareness, often information is hacked to provide the public the knowledge governments or large corporations purposely neglect to communicate.Continue reading “Deception & Lack of Trust in Social Media, Meme Warfare & Hacker Culture”

BCM206 BETA Update

Since my pitch video, I have begun my content creation process but rather than focusing on tutorials, I decided it was best for me to focus on reviews, more specifically on products Australians had access to. 2021 has been a great year of new product launches and even new brand launches that before this yearContinue reading “BCM206 BETA Update”

The Need for Speed in a Digital Age

Before the telegraph, you had to physically travel to get your message to another person, the iPhone had yet to be conceptualised. Slowly over time, society required information and messages to be sent to others faster. There’s now a demand and need for speed. The only way society could keep up with this demand forContinue reading “The Need for Speed in a Digital Age”


It’s that time of the year again where DAs are in full swing, and production is just beginning. This time around I’ve decided to combine my love for makeup and a platform I’ve yet to create content on that has always intrigued me- Tiktok. My DA focuses on encouraging and teaching those who feel thatContinue reading “BCM206 Project Pitch- TIKTOK MAKEUP TUTORIALS AND REVIEWS”