It’s that time of the year again where DAs are in full swing, and production is just beginning.

This time around I’ve decided to combine my love for makeup and a platform I’ve yet to create content on that has always intrigued me- Tiktok.

My DA focuses on encouraging and teaching those who feel that they don’t know how to do makeup or understand why and what they need to do with their makeup. It is also my hope to not influence my audience but to come across as genuine and trustworthy enough to trust my recommendations and tips and tricks. I don’t want to be an influencer; I just want to create content that educates and makes me happy.

To accomplish my goals, I will be aiming to post once a day as often as I can with an occasional bonus video every now and then for when I’m unboxing new products.

Tiktok is a platform that I enjoy watching and has features that other platforms do not that I think would be helpful to incorporate into my content creation. The duet feature that allows you to follow along and react is one of these features. Videos using this feature would allow me to test if the tips and tricks others use are worth testing or even if they’re genuinely going to help others.

Debunking makeup hacks, views and opinions will allow me to put my knowledge I’ve accumulated whilst being in this industry to the test to be able to accurately recommend products to my audience.

Coming across as trustworthy and genuine is crucial. I’m not perfect and nor do I want to portray a persona who is because let’s face it, who is?

To follow along on my journey into this new DA, follow my tiktok account – @oliviajlopez.

Comment down below the top 3 items of makeup you could not live without!



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