Consumer Behaviours Presentation

Video presentations are some of my favourite presentations to create. In a consumer behaviours class, we were to select an everyday activity and relate the chosen activity with consumer behaviour concepts. As a beauty and makeup lover, I simply had to choose the makeup application process for this assessment. The below video was my completedContinue reading “Consumer Behaviours Presentation”

Beauty Reviews & Hauls September Update

September was a good month. My intention was to grow my presence on my TikTok page and that’s exactly what I noticed happen. I found September to be an inspirational month. I had the motivation, the content ideas and the time to create content and post on a consistent schedule which I believe truly helpedContinue reading “Beauty Reviews & Hauls September Update”

Beauty Hauls & Reviews

It is pretty obvious once meeting me that beauty & makeup is more than a love or a passion, it takes up the majority of my life. It is what I dream about in my sleep and what I know in my heart will always keep me sane. As my DA is a continuation ofContinue reading “Beauty Hauls & Reviews”

The Future of The Beauty Industry – Contextual Report

DA content can be found here: Blog Posts – BCM325: Concept For my DA, I wanted to focus on the future of the beauty industry. This meant doing research on topics of interest and explaining them in a blog post while also posting TikTok videos to compliment my blog posts. I initially anticipatedContinue reading “The Future of The Beauty Industry – Contextual Report”

The Future of the Beauty Industry -DA Recap

This semester I focused on the future of the beauty industry, with research blog posts published on my blog but also through observational and participatory research on TikTok. TikTok is in the top 3 social media platforms for marketers to watch in 2022 (Bump, 2021) and has been on the rise since 2020. Being thatContinue reading “The Future of the Beauty Industry -DA Recap”

Who is Changing the Game in the Beauty Industry?

The beauty industry has evolved at such a tremendous pace that it can become overwhelming and expensive to keep up with. It is important to know who is in control of the industry to understand how this will affect the future of the beauty industry. Are consumers in charge of the beauty products that areContinue reading “Who is Changing the Game in the Beauty Industry?”