The Future of The Beauty Industry – Contextual Report

DA content can be found here: Blog Posts – BCM325: Concept For my DA, I wanted to focus on the future of the beauty industry. This meant doing research on topics of interest and explaining them in a blog post while also posting TikTok videos to compliment my blog posts. I initially anticipatedContinue reading “The Future of The Beauty Industry – Contextual Report”

The Future of the Beauty Industry -DA Recap

This semester I focused on the future of the beauty industry, with research blog posts published on my blog but also through observational and participatory research on TikTok. TikTok is in the top 3 social media platforms for marketers to watch in 2022 (Bump, 2021) and has been on the rise since 2020. Being thatContinue reading “The Future of the Beauty Industry -DA Recap”

Where do I fit in the beauty industry? Will I be a part of it in the future?

To close off my DA, I wanted to talk about my future in the beauty industry. To be clear, this is ultimately the industry I hope to work in. With my DA blog posts, I wanted to research the industry and decided to also use TikTok to create content and become a more active memberContinue reading “Where do I fit in the beauty industry? Will I be a part of it in the future?”

Are you TWEETING me?

Live-tweeting this second half of the semester was a very different experience in comparison to the first half. This time around, I felt a little more confident and understood more of what was expected. I even found a little routine that allowed me to generate tweets prior to our viewing of the weekly film andContinue reading “Are you TWEETING me?”

Who is Changing the Game in the Beauty Industry?

The beauty industry has evolved at such a tremendous pace that it can become overwhelming and expensive to keep up with. It is important to know who is in control of the industry to understand how this will affect the future of the beauty industry. Are consumers in charge of the beauty products that areContinue reading “Who is Changing the Game in the Beauty Industry?”

What’s Trending within the Cosmetics Industry?

The beauty and cosmetics industry has grown enormously since my introduction to it in 2014 and the continued growth and change I’ve experienced have shown that there is more growth to come. Currently, the industry is worth $287.94 billion and is expected to see an increase and reach $415.29 billion by 2028 (Jain 2021). ThisContinue reading “What’s Trending within the Cosmetics Industry?”

#What the Tweet!

These past few weeks have been a very new and interesting experience. Live tweeting a movie is not an activity I have ever partaken in prior to BCM325 and it’s definitely brought up quite a few different emotions for me. In this critical self-reflection, I wanted to discuss pivotal moments I discovered during the processContinue reading “#What the Tweet!”

Let me Peer into your Pitch

Peer commentary tasks are never my favourite, although I do enjoy getting to learn about my peer’s digital artefacts. Rebekah’s DA is focused on the future of her pre-existing dog Instagram and TikTok page. Kathyrn will be delving into the future of the automotive industry. Hannah’s DA is centered around her own future. Critical Self-EvaluationContinue reading “Let me Peer into your Pitch”

The Future of the Beauty Industry

Along with my initial aims for my DA, I wanted to provide a proper outline of what I expect to accomplish during my DA. Below is my Gantt chart or my production timeline. Planning, researching, collecting feedback as well as creating content are all important tasks that I hope to ensure are completed throughout theContinue reading “The Future of the Beauty Industry”