The Grande Experiment

This semester in BCM241, the concept of creating and developing an online persona in our chosen media niche was our goal and throughout the semester, I feel as though I was able to do just that. As the semester and my DA progressed, I was able to develop a humorous persona on my TikTok accountContinue reading “The Grande Experiment”

Analyse with me- Epiphanies Edition

Last weeks epiphanies for me were my light bulb moments. This week those light bulbs were replaced with even brighter LED style bulbs. So let me expand on them. My first epiphany, surrounds my niche and their relationship to the “eras” Ariana Grande (AG) has released. All fans of AG have a specific time fromContinue reading “Analyse with me- Epiphanies Edition”

An Update on my Research Approach- Let’s Take a Trip Through Grande Lane

Having begun my DA, creating content and gathering information, I have been able to identify epiphanies that have stood out to me in the process. My Epiphanies Ariana Grande Eras are very specific to the time her music was released. Each fan will have different memories and feelings that are associated with each era. WhilstContinue reading “An Update on my Research Approach- Let’s Take a Trip Through Grande Lane”


My previous blog posts explored my media niche and my field map for this project. Having previously identified my media niche, I was able to then narrow down and determine which area of study I will be analysing this semester as part of my DA. Identifying my media niche is a great first step, butContinue reading “ARIANA GRANDE – BCM241 PITCH”

Delving into Ariana Grande- Field Site Mapping

In my previous blog post, I had identified my media niche to be based on my love and interest for Ariana Grande with my main focus on identifying what type of Arianator or tiny elephant I am. This week was all about determining our field sites and discussing how we were thinking of conducting ourContinue reading “Delving into Ariana Grande- Field Site Mapping”