TIKTOK PAGE: Oliviajlopez Knowing that this is the final digital artefact and contextual report is bittersweet. Looking back at all the digital artefacts I’ve begun, developed or neglected indeed shows my growth as a person finding my way and footing in the digital world which has been exciting, fun and at times challenging to keepContinue reading “BEAUTY HAULS & REVIEWS CONTEXTUAL REPORT”

Beauty Reviews & Hauls September Update

September was a good month. My intention was to grow my presence on my TikTok page and that’s exactly what I noticed happen. I found September to be an inspirational month. I had the motivation, the content ideas and the time to create content and post on a consistent schedule which I believe truly helpedContinue reading “Beauty Reviews & Hauls September Update”

Peering for the Final Time!

I’ve been following Jess Jenkin’s & Georgie O’Brien’s DAs this semester. Jess has and is reigniting her photography Instagram page while Georgie is on the resources team promoting Building 29. While these 2 DAs are different from one another, they share the commonality of following interests of theirs.   Jess has documented her weekly progress updateContinue reading “Peering for the Final Time!”

Beauty Reviews & Hauls August Recap

My goal for this subject has been to grow my online presence through my Tiktok page and I have had some progress. I feel like the past month has been going fairly well. If you didn’t know, I began this DA last year and fell head over heels for the process of creating content featuringContinue reading “Beauty Reviews & Hauls August Recap”

Are these the final peer reviews for BCM?

I think I say it every round of peer reviews, I never enjoy these. I often feel uncomfortable although I know I am only providing feedback and notes on potential improvements if needed, I can’t help but always feel out of place. For this round of peer reviews, I have decided to follow Jess Jenkins’Continue reading “Are these the final peer reviews for BCM?”

Beauty Hauls & Reviews

It is pretty obvious once meeting me that beauty & makeup is more than a love or a passion, it takes up the majority of my life. It is what I dream about in my sleep and what I know in my heart will always keep me sane. As my DA is a continuation ofContinue reading “Beauty Hauls & Reviews”