Beauty Hauls & Reviews


It is pretty obvious once meeting me that beauty & makeup is more than a love or a passion, it takes up the majority of my life. It is what I dream about in my sleep and what I know in my heart will always keep me sane.

As my DA is a continuation of a previous DA, I wanted to continue to pursue this topic because DAs can feel like a lot of straining work when you start an idea you don’t truly love and have the time or ability to commit to. As this DA ended up becoming a hobby of mine from previous semesters, I know that I can commit to creating and publishing content for BCM302 and truly give it more than just a little bit of thought, I can give it my all.

My strategy for this DA is similar to the strategy I use outside of uni. This means staying up to date with all the latest trends and product launches and creating content to reflect what is trending and new in beauty and makeup. Although this will mean purchasing products to review and haul and therefore can be expensive to keep up with, I know I would have purchased these products regardless if they were for my DA or simply to grow my collection. I love trying new products and growing my makeup collection and in the meantime, I’m getting to help others who view my content, letting them know if what is being featured is worth the splurge. Most times it is but its good to have someone tell you if something is worthless to save you your money because beauty and makeup is not cheap.

I am beginning my DA with these current statistics.

Content will be published daily to my TikTok account @oliviajlopez. I’m always experimenting with the best time to post my content during any day to get the best results and will document my results throughout the progress and duration of this DA. I also hope to find the best hashtag combination for the highest results of views, likes and shares on my content. I hope to document this progress and what I’ve discovered monthly to my blog which I will advertise on my Twitter account for anyone interested in my progress.

Though I’m aiming to continue to grow and build my DA, I am focusing on the development of my online presence on TikTok, but also within the beauty realm. With this, I have identified that I am not aiming for a particular number of views on a video or to reach a particular number of followers, though this is a good way to know that I am building my presence, I am more so looking at the comments, recommendations & suggestions viewers of my content are asking to see from me as a big integral part of my DA’s success. Interaction with anyone consuming my content is important to me as it helps to build my presence in the beauty space on TikTok.

What’s Trending within the Cosmetics Industry?


The beauty and cosmetics industry has grown enormously since my introduction to it in 2014 and the continued growth and change I’ve experienced have shown that there is more growth to come. Currently, the industry is worth $287.94 billion and is expected to see an increase and reach $415.29 billion by 2028 (Jain 2021). This growth trend is one that at this rate, does not appear to be slowing down.

2022 has merely begun, yet we have a very distinct beauty trend already emerging. The glowy, no makeup/natural makeup trend is currently the most popular. What is this trend? It’s as simple as making yourself look and feel as though you are not wearing makeup when in reality this trend is one of the most difficult to achieve in my opinion. Its complexity is found within the simplicity of the trend. Making makeup feel and look lightweight and natural is not just in its application, it’s found within the technology that’s produced the product.

Below is my series of tiktok videos attempting to create a natural, glowy and fresh makeup look, something I do not normally go for.

This brings me to one of the newest trends and what I believe will become the future of the beauty industry- advanced beauty technology blending beauty and skincare.

Skincare has been in demand by consumers for years and with more knowledge and education and the desire to look more youthful, the demand for makeup with skincare ingredients has grown more popular over the years (Zukarnian 2020).

Hyaluronic acid is a skincare ingredient with the purpose to retain the skin’s moisture (Liu & Nassim 2020). Similarly to collagen, as we age we lose part of the natural hyaluronic acid that is found in our skin which has caused many consumers to seek this ingredient in their beauty products. It is most commonly found in lip balms, lip glosses and in skincare serums to revive and re-plump the skin (Liu & Nassim 2020). I personally have found this ingredient to be extremely hydrating to my skin type (a combination skin type). The main way I source this ingredient is in my lip balms and in my facial serums.

Caffeine is also a commonly found ingredient in cosmetic products such as concealers, foundations and even in powder blush, with its goal to reduce puffiness and improves circulation in the skin. Antioxidants are also found in caffeine-infused cosmetics. This is important to brighten the skin’s appearance and assists with collagen production (Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith 2013). Personally, I do not actively seek this ingredient in my cosmetic products but I do enjoy brightening concealers to hide the dark circles under my eyes especially after a long night of study before work the next day.

These are just 2 of the most commonly searched for ingredients in cosmetic products but these are certainly not all. As consumer demands change and technology improves, it is my belief that we will continue to see skincare ingredients combined into our cosmetics. This has already begun with the latest introduction of serum foundations. They combine the benefits of a traditional facial serum with the coverage found in a foundation, essentially a 2 in 1 product marketed to give consumers a natural radiant or glowy finish to the skin whilst also ensuring the skin looks and still feels like skin.

This definitely sounds enticing and certainly, the combination of cosmetics skincare is part of the future of the beauty industry but this is only one part, so stay tuned to read and see the next!


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