#What the Tweet!

These past few weeks have been a very new and interesting experience. Live tweeting a movie is not an activity I have ever partaken in prior to BCM325 and it’s definitely brought up quite a few different emotions for me. In this critical self-reflection, I wanted to discuss pivotal moments I discovered during the process of live-tweeting and discuss what I’ve learned and what I believe I can continue to improve on.

My biggest concern that I’ve developed whilst participating in these live-tweeting events has been the quality of content that I’ve produced. As someone who extremely rarely watches anything to do with the theme of sci-fi, robots and technology takeovers, I have felt very out of place during this experience. This feeling has stopped me from feeling confident in my tweets and relating our weekly lecture content and readings to the films due to my lack of total understanding and enjoyment of the films we have consumed.

A key takeaway from what I’ve learnt during this process is the importance of multi-tasking whilst the film is playing. This has involved creating discussions with my peers, developing my own tweets from things I find interesting or important and the most obvious, watching the film and thoroughly consuming its content. This has not proven to be as easy a task as I had initially expected it to have been and will continue to be a challenge for me throughout the semester.

What I feel I’ve done well has been creating discussions through my tweets and also learning to be open to new film genres and themes I wouldn’t typically consume. I feel as though being open to these new film genres has allowed me to see different perspectives of the films and understand why my peers have made particular parts of the film tweetable moments that have created genuine interest and discussion amongst each of us.

I did want to also bring awareness to the areas that I struggled with which included the lecture content and relating it to the films we have watched. Due to this identification, I will be making it a priority to work on this in my future tweets. I decided to go back through my lecture notes and create connections between the lecture content and the films watched.

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