The Future of The Beauty Industry – Contextual Report

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Blog Posts – BCM325:


For my DA, I wanted to focus on the future of the beauty industry. This meant doing research on topics of interest and explaining them in a blog post while also posting TikTok videos to compliment my blog posts. I initially anticipated creating weekly research with a blog post and a minimum of one TikTok video. This changed as I realised my timeline was overestimated. This was all outlined in my pitch.

Original timeline


My DA’s initial method was to conduct weekly research, complete a blog post and film a TikTok video. Instead, I decided to complete a 3 blog post series but continue to post beauty-related TikTok videos weekly. This new method for my DA allowed me to research the topics that interested me the most but also allowed me to make crucial observations within my niche. Through this, I was able to make predictions of trends by analysing the videos and the products featured showing me what I needed to create in the beauty TikTok space.


From the research and observations made during my DA, I was able to create content that interested me but also saw me grow as a creator on the platform. The weekly lectures on predictions, trajectories, as well as AI technology assisted me in my blog post series development and are further explained in my DA post.

Social Utility

As this DA is centred around the future of the beauty industry, my DA’s utility is not only going to help others learn about the topics spoken about in my blog post series, but also has personal utility for my future. This DA should hopefully show future employers my dedication to the beauty industry to gain an advantage in my future employment endeavours.

The Future Cultures DA Challenge:

The challenge in this DA was to connect how the future can be represented within the DA. In 1 year, my DA will still be active and will become a more active hobby of mine.  In 5 years, this DA has the ability to become a part-time or full-time job which would change the trajectory of my life. In 10 years, this DA could not only become my full-time job but also open up many more opportunities that would yet again open up doors and opportunities that I would only have dreamed of, e.g building my own beauty empire or working closely with my favourite brands. In 25-50 years, my DA could be used as inspiration to other students delving into researching the beauty industry’s past to determine its future. 

Successes and Limitations:

My biggest limitation was the lack of time. This limited my ability to stick to my initial plan but brought me my biggest success, the growth and exposure of my TikTok videos. During the DA, I also decided to record my growth which can be found in my 3rd blog post. This for me was a major success and a step closer to being able to do what I love every day.

Another major success was having Sephora like and comment on a video and the chief marketing officer of Rare Beauty, Katie Welch also notice my account.

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