The Future of the Beauty Industry


Along with my initial aims for my DA, I wanted to provide a proper outline of what I expect to accomplish during my DA. Below is my Gantt chart or my production timeline.

Planning, researching, collecting feedback as well as creating content are all important tasks that I hope to ensure are completed throughout the duration of my DA. These 4 main tasks will make up the bulk of my DA. This leads me to explain why my DA will have utility for myself and for others in the near and far future.


My DA has utility for my future for the simple reason that I hope my future employers find this DA and recognise the dedication and passion I have for the beauty industry. Since my first dance recital, I’ve fallen in love with the process of applying, supporting, collecting, researching and testing beauty products. I hope for my near, after Uni future, in the next 2.5 years, when I begin applying for my dream job roles within the industry, that my DA gives me the extra edge that allows me to stand out amongst other applicants.

For the far future, I hope that I can look back at my DA and recognise the trends, techniques, predictions and even be able to look back on what would be my history and acknowledge the areas and things that brought me closer to the beauty industry. I hope that future students can look at my DA in 1 year, 3 years, or 20+ years and use some of my research, predictions and content to put towards their own predictions.

Predictions and forecasting are important aspects of future studies. Through the development of my DA, the focus will be centred on these 2 aspects. As we progress into the semester, I will also continue to incorporate the weekly topics into my DA development.


Upon beginning and creating content, I intend to respond to any feedback and comments I receive on my TikTok and peers as a way to begin a discussion. Discussions are a great way for me to see alternate views and gain more perspective and understanding. With this, I hope to be able to then if required improve my content or style of delivery of the research to ensure I am producing engaging and thoughtful content.

Let’s Begin

As with most things, history often repeats itself such as with fashion trends, but as for my first prediction for my DA, I do not believe that many beauty trends will repeat themselves. There are things we have all gone through or have seen, and have come to the conclusion that we do not want their return. I think rather than returning, history will be reinvented. Thin brows will not be back and nor will the square, blocky brows (been there, done that, instant regret). I also aim to dive into what activism has looked like in the industry for the recognition of African Americans and those with deeper complexions.

The future is beauty-full!


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