Where do I fit in the beauty industry? Will I be a part of it in the future?


To close off my DA, I wanted to talk about my future in the beauty industry. To be clear, this is ultimately the industry I hope to work in. With my DA blog posts, I wanted to research the industry and decided to also use TikTok to create content and become a more active member of the beauty industry, most often referred to as the beauty community.

Aside from working in the industry with the hope to work in marketing and advertising, I have always dreamed of working in the content creator realm. I want to make mention of my past because I feel as though this is important for context as to why I feel the way I feel.

Since my introduction to makeup tutorials on youtube back in 2014, I have always loved the idea of creating and posting videos. Still, as a young 13-year-old, the idea of posting content on the internet when I was a shy girl, who kept to herself always scared me. Filming was always fun, but I had no idea how to edit a video or how to upload a video, which over the years I taught myself but was never brave enough to finally post.

In a previous DA, I did finally decide to post beauty videos to youtube but keeping up with filming, editing, uni, a job, a global pandemic and all the craziness in between made the process difficult and it was during that same time, that TikTok was taking off. It was at that moment that I felt I could post beauty content, content free of judgement from those around me. Since then, I have come to love the process of creating content a lot more and because of this, I believe that TikTok content creation is part of my future in this industry.

I made a goal at the beginning of 2022 to consistently post to TikTok.Many people have new years resolutions, I spend my first days of the new year writing up goals that I feel are realistic, growing my tiktok account was one of them. Since January 3rd, I have logged my statistics to see the growth month after month which encourages me to continue to create content.

I didn’t set a specific number of followers or a specific number of views, but I set the goal to be consistent. This has actually been something I can confidently say I have stuck to. Now I may not post daily, but I post to the platform without feeling anxious about what people think because I have come to realise that this is part of my future and you cannot achieve your goals or dreams without action.

So far these are the statistics that I’ve collected since the beginning of the year. These are not all precisely tracked.

My ultimate goal, alongside content creation, has always been to work for a beauty brand and if we’re being specific, Too Faced. Their motto is Own Your Pretty and I felt that that was an important message. I bought every product (still purchase from them just not as often) and was so obsessed with the brand that when I met their Executive Director Global Beauty and makeup artist Elyse Reneau, I 110% freaked out and of course immediately told her I wanted to work with Too Faced. We talked about the different ways I could work for the brand which ultimately meant working for Mecca, which of course, I’m not going to complain about.

19th May 2019

The point of this post isn’t to brag about my love for content creation, or followers (they’re not that impressive yet), but for me to have something to look back on when I’m working for a beauty brand of my dreams or living my dream of content creation or maybe owning my own beauty brand and being my own girl boss.

The point of this DA wasn’t to just research the future of the beauty industry and document it, but to also continue working on what I hope to spend the majority of my life doing. Working or simply being a part of the beauty industry.

My future will always include the beauty industry in some form or another but how I get to the top positions is something I cannot specifically outline because the future is not set in stone. What I do know, is my participation, love and passion I confirmed over 7 years ago.

Beauty is my life, it’s what makes me most excited and calms me down during moments of panic. The love I have for beauty is on the same level as my love for Ariana Grande, my dog Mollie and course my family, and for that, I’m certain that my future will always include the beauty industry.

My OVERLY Large Personal Makeup Collection

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