Let me Peer into your Pitch

Peer commentary tasks are never my favourite, although I do enjoy getting to learn about my peer’s digital artefacts.

Rebekah’s DA is focused on the future of her pre-existing dog Instagram and TikTok page.

Kathyrn will be delving into the future of the automotive industry.

Hannah’s DA is centered around her own future.

Critical Self-Evaluation on Comments- What did I learn during the process?

Looking over my comments, I feel comfortable saying that everyone developed a great pitch and my comments show this. Although all 3 had things I would have included or changed, I must be critical and remember that because all 3 topics are very different to one another, they will not have similar styles in the way they pitched their DAs especially when I compare them to my DA pitch.

I always find leaving comments on my peers work a bit uncomfortable especially if the topics are of areas I have no knowledge/ very little knowledge of. This then leaves me in a spot where I need to find the perfect balance between analysing the topic to the way its presented to come up with a useful and hopefully a comment with constructive feedback ensuring no bias is included.

The main takeaway I learnt from this process is how large and unique all the DAs are from one another although we are studying the same degree. I also love seeing how differently we plan our DA schedules/timelines as this gives me insight into how much work each person plans to put into their DAs development. This can sometimes tell me how invested a person truly is about their topic which for me is very important as why do something if it has no meaning or a degree of usefulness to your future or your interests. I like looking at my DA as a hobby rather than a uni assignment and that for me distinguishes the great DAs from the good DAs.

What do I consider to be good feedback?

For me, good feedback is a bit like a burger (fun fact, it took me 17 years before I ever tried a burger). The top bun is always positive and highlights a well done point, then we have the filling of the burger, which for me is providing the feedback, questioning the DA, and/or highlighted more of what was done well. Then your bottom bun, is about providing links or leaving a useful tip. Although this may not be seen the same amoungst others, I like being praised for something I’ve done well before the areas lacking substance are brought to my attention. I also have found that providing feedback can be discouraging if positives aren’t mentioned which brings down your confidence and sees you question if your DA is suitable for you. For this reason, I like my burger method for leaving feedback for my peers.

What did I learn about my DA from engaging in commentary?

For this, please a take a listen to my short podcast style video below.

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