Contextual Essay-A Final Update


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Let’s take it back to the beginning, back to the first DA idea to the present, to what my DA has grown to become.

Initially my DA was named Pinterest Outfits Coming to Life/ OOTD. My hopes for the DA were to go through my wardrobe as well as purchase new pieces to be able to recreate those gorgeous Pinterest outfits you pin to your fashion boards. The purpose was to be able to inform my audience of where my outfits came from to be able to recreate the style.

My mood board was always inspired by mini skirts, thigh high boots, simple colours, bodysuits and an overall girly aesthetic. Its an aesthetic I have always admired and loved!

My Mood Board

After trying to style some looks and a few shopping hauls into my DA progress, I discovered that it was not easy finding these pieces. It was also becoming expensive which automatically told me I was no longer following the FIST model. I also didn’t feel like myself wearing white or light colours. So I decided to change the aesthetic of my DA to better suit what I would actually wear out, and so Black and White Monochromatic Fashion was born!

I decided to start from scratch and simply ask my audience if what I wanted to post would be something they would like to see.

During this time, I also noticed my audience increase which I believe is due to the change in aesthetic.

As I continued posting with this new aesthetic and layout, I discovered I enjoyed the process of creating content more. This helped to be able to find free time to create the content, time being an aspect I have always struggled with due to my work life. My posts consisted outfits I had styled directly from my wardrobe. This DA was now following the FIST model.

I continued to post my shopping hauls when I bought new clothing pieces and polls to be able to interact with my audience, discovering that my audience preferred being given the answers rather than having to type them.

Having taken the poll above, I took the feedback I received and started posting more lazy day outfits as requested on my stories. These were easy for me to post as I was posting unedited videos and photos of what I look like when I’m having a chill day at home.

I have also started looking at how to style filler photos rather than posting quotes in between my Instagram feed. I have yet found the best format to post these so in the meantime, I have reduced the quantity of quotes in my feed and posting more of my outfits. This in turn has changed my feed layout.

Working on this project has given me more confidence. I use my DA to talk. educate and humour my audience. I’ve always found talking to a camera to be therapeutic and it has helped me be more confident with myself, expressing my style and my voice to my audience.

I have enjoyed working on this DA more than anything else I have worked on this year! I truly hope that my DA continues to grow and my aesthetic continues to develop as I develop and grow as an individual.

What’s next???

Over the break, I hope to continue posting and developing my myself and my aesthetic. I’m hoping to discover the best way to take filler pictures to upload to my feed and I want to continue to help my audience style themselves!

I’m also hoping to take my DA to TikTok to continue to grow my DA as I can see potential in using the platform to grow my audience.

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Online Presence Part 2



I wanted to review and talk about my DA process and speak more specifically about the things I’ve noticed with my DA and my audience.

I want to first begin by talking about the posts that perform better than others. Yes, I know you know my posts with me in them perform better, but I want to be more specific.

To be more specific I need to be very honest and explain this in an honest no filter type of way. The posts where I’m in a tight dress, or that show my features, they’re the ones I have discovered have gained the most attention. I would say the ‘sexier’ posts perform better in terms of statistics.

In saying this, my goal was not to necessarily post ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ images, but I have found that this sort of post does perform better overall on most Instagram accounts. Now whether this is guys being guys or girls thinking they need these posts to remind them of “body goals” or “Insta goals”, which I do not feel I’m anywhere near, this overall performs better.

I now have 2 choices, do I post content that performs best to see how my account grows, or do I continue to post outfits that I enjoy posting? Being a perfectionist, who ALWAYS wants to do better, the option of posting ‘sexier’, going out sort of content sounds more appealing because I can see how I can truly grow my audience. But posting content that showcases my outfits, both cute and lazy, show the real me although the full glam, dressed up version of Olivia is still me.

If you haven’t seen my page, below are some of the images I am referring to:

At the point i have too many choices. And I’m leaving this up to you reading this. What should I continue posting? OR what do YOU recommend I should post more? OR is there anything else you think I should do with my DA?






Welcome back to my blog! In today’s post, I wanted to do another DA update!

Since my last update I’ve continued to create and upload new posts, filmed a bunch of stories for IG stories and gained a few new followers on my DA page.

In the previous update my follower count was at 142 and at this current moment, I’m at 174! This may not seem like a massive jump, but it’s a small step towards being able to live my fashion fantasies! To increase my following, I have mainly focused on using hashtags relating to the image posted and by interacting with other accounts in the form of liking and following.

I have found that by using hashtags I have gained more likes than followers. I have also discovered that my page gets a fair few profile visits from my fashion posts which leads me to believe that my audience is either not liking the style of posting (in a scattered manner) or they do not like the images themselves.

Currently I am working on decorating my bedroom into a more aesthetically pleasing space to take my fashion images. This I have found to be most difficult as the ideas I have in my mind, are quite hard to find and execute. But by turning my bedroom into a more aesthetically pleasing space, I am hoping to swap out my quote pictures for filler images of objects such as jewellery, makeup, shoes and other accessories. This may attract more followers and therefore allow me to continue to grow my DA as well as creating an even more aesthetically pleasing DA page. This adventure of creating a more aesthetically pleasing space will take time but I have set up a goal to try and have it complete my the beginning of uni next year.

Enough of me talking about my bedroom space and back onto the DA itself.

I am absolutely, positively obsessed with it! I love how it is turning out and I love how I am able to get dressed up, do my hair and makeup (also things I love doing) and post images I am proud of. These images show my audience who I am and my style and I love how simple my DA is compared to last semester. I have found that I make time specifically to work on my DA which proves to me that I’m heading in the right direction.

My future goals with my DA include posting formal looks, date night outfits, summer fun fits and lazy day fits as I have discovered my audience is looking forward to seeing how I would style and dress for these occasions. I am also hoping to continue to grow my following, hopefully hitting 200 followers before the end of the year. This is a goal I believe can be achieved. I’m also hoping to teach my audience how I am able to purchase my outfits and save money at the same time. Clothing isn’t cheap but knowing the tricks to get the best deals is always useful.

Below I have uploaded a few pictures and an exclusive preview of whats to come for formal pics!

If you haven’t followed already, it is @oliviajlopezm on Instagram!

Also please comment your DA pages so I can follow and support you too!

sneaky peek into one of the looks coming soon

Project Beta


Since the last update- Project Pitch, my DA has had a slight change. An upgrade if you will.

I originally started my DA naming it “Pinterest Outfits Coming to Life/OOTD” with the intention of taking out the hard work of searching for the clothing images you find on Pinterest. I had also intended on posting my everyday outfits to show my audience my style.

After creating a few posts, I felt unmotivated. I just didn’t feel like I was posting images that represented my fashion style well enough.

So I decided I needed to change, my clothes and my Instagram feed. Once I did this, I instantly felt more motivated to create content and you could see the confidence in the images. My new DA I decided to name “Monochromatic Fashion” because my style is chic and timeless as it consists of monochromatic black and white pieces which can be easily styled with many other pieces.

To continue producing confident and empowering content, I decided to alternate posting fashion quotes between my fashion images. This allowed me to post “filler” photos while I was unable to take images of new outfits.

I also posted a lot of polls and quizzes to receive feedback from my audience as I discovered it was best to collect my feedback this way as asking for feedback, I received little to none.

Below I have included my Instagram feed as well as the analytics from both my feed and my Instagram stories to show how I have grown and developed my DA so far.

I have loved every moment since updating my DA. It has me very excited for the future of it and hopefully it can develop into more than just a project for uni.

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Instagram is not as simple as it seems.

Pinterest Outfits Coming to Life/OOTD has had a bit of a change! My DA is still about fashion and showcasing how I style clothing, but with a significant on Pinterest Outfits. The shift in focus is to try to follow the FIST model by recreating some of my favourite outfits I’ve worn in the past without always spending money to create my content.

I love Pinterest fashion but it is extremely hard to find the pieces I have pinned in stores. In saying this, I will still create content that focuses on recreating Pinterest Outfits on the occasion where I am able to.

Now for the statistics and figures!

I started my account with 80 followers. I used an account which I had previously used very rarely. The followers were mainly my friends and family.

Once I started promoting my page, @oliviajlopezm on Instagram, I started to see some growth! This is always the most exciting part of any DA.

As the pictures above show, my growth has been slow and steady, but progress is progress.

Between posts, I have regularly posted hauls on my instagram stories to stay active on my page. Polls have also been common from me as this has been the easiest way for me to discover what my followers most want to see.

Most of my feedback has been fairly positive which has increased my interest and passion to create content for my DA.

So far I have loved the experience of growing my fashion account and I’m super excited to see what the future holds in store for me with my DA.

Stay tuned for further updates! And if you haven’t followed my DA already, please give it a follow! Link below.

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Welcome to my new DA pitch for BCM114- Pinterest Outfits Coming to Life/ OOTD (Outfits of the Day)!

My DA is all about recreating Pinterest outfits by searching through my closet to create the style and by purchasing new items. On my DA, I will also haul the clothing pieces I purchase in between styling outfits. I will also be posting my daily outfits because we don’t always dress to impress. We’re all allowed to have our lazy days.

The DA will consist of me taking pictures of the outfits styled and compare them from the original images, tagging the companies my clothes were purchased from as well as listing the exact product names to easily look up the item to purchase it.

I will also give my best advice on finding the best deals and specials to help you buy the clothing pieces, as well as my best tips to save money! Being a uni student can be expensive, but It also has its benefits!

Leave me feedback as well as your DA links!




INSTAGRAM: oliviajlopezm

Over the much needed uni break, I had many new things happen in my life. I moved into my new house and unpacking, building and buying furniture was in full swing. I also decided to get another job, so now i’m juggling 2 jobs, a double degree and my social life. So that’s the main update and they’re the main reason for not having posted on here in a while and I truly apologise, but I’m back and blog posts will be back on track!

As uni has now begun for semester 2, I needed to come up with a new DA idea for my BCM114 class. My DA from BCM112 didn’t go as well as I had hoped for. It worked fairly well but I decided that for BCM114 I needed to do something simpler that works better for my very busy life.

When coming up with new ideas, I looked back on the ideas I had come up with during BCM112 and although they seemed intriguing, I didn’t feel like they would work for me. What inspired me most was a skirt I had purchased about 2 months ago that I purchased without even realising I had pinned on my Pinterest board. This picture was pinned almost 2 years ago. In that moment, I realised that I needed to help others like myself who struggle to find the clothes in Pinterest pictures.

So today I want to introduce to you my DA!


My DA will be posted to my Instagram account- oliviajlopezm

Below is my mood board. I’m super excited to see where this goes!