Welcome back to my blog! In today’s post, I wanted to do another DA update!

Since my last update I’ve continued to create and upload new posts, filmed a bunch of stories for IG stories and gained a few new followers on my DA page.

In the previous update my follower count was at 142 and at this current moment, I’m at 174! This may not seem like a massive jump, but it’s a small step towards being able to live my fashion fantasies! To increase my following, I have mainly focused on using hashtags relating to the image posted and by interacting with other accounts in the form of liking and following.

I have found that by using hashtags I have gained more likes than followers. I have also discovered that my page gets a fair few profile visits from my fashion posts which leads me to believe that my audience is either not liking the style of posting (in a scattered manner) or they do not like the images themselves.

Currently I am working on decorating my bedroom into a more aesthetically pleasing space to take my fashion images. This I have found to be most difficult as the ideas I have in my mind, are quite hard to find and execute. But by turning my bedroom into a more aesthetically pleasing space, I am hoping to swap out my quote pictures for filler images of objects such as jewellery, makeup, shoes and other accessories. This may attract more followers and therefore allow me to continue to grow my DA as well as creating an even more aesthetically pleasing DA page. This adventure of creating a more aesthetically pleasing space will take time but I have set up a goal to try and have it complete my the beginning of uni next year.

Enough of me talking about my bedroom space and back onto the DA itself.

I am absolutely, positively obsessed with it! I love how it is turning out and I love how I am able to get dressed up, do my hair and makeup (also things I love doing) and post images I am proud of. These images show my audience who I am and my style and I love how simple my DA is compared to last semester. I have found that I make time specifically to work on my DA which proves to me that I’m heading in the right direction.

My future goals with my DA include posting formal looks, date night outfits, summer fun fits and lazy day fits as I have discovered my audience is looking forward to seeing how I would style and dress for these occasions. I am also hoping to continue to grow my following, hopefully hitting 200 followers before the end of the year. This is a goal I believe can be achieved. I’m also hoping to teach my audience how I am able to purchase my outfits and save money at the same time. Clothing isn’t cheap but knowing the tricks to get the best deals is always useful.

Below I have uploaded a few pictures and an exclusive preview of whats to come for formal pics!

If you haven’t followed already, it is @oliviajlopezm on Instagram!

Also please comment your DA pages so I can follow and support you too!

sneaky peek into one of the looks coming soon

10 thoughts on “BCM114 DA UPDATE, AGAIN?

  1. Hey Olivia, I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying your DA!!! I love what you’re doing and think it’s really great that you’ve even committed even further by making your room a more aesthetically pleasing space. I believe that will really help as many fashion bloggers like to use a very simple aesthetic background to further draw us in!! To even further grow your DA and reach a wider audience I would suggest even looking into a pinterest account. I believe you mentioned getting inspiration from pinterest but perhaps you could share your own fashion on there… this would possibly widen you audience and even help others for inspiration!!


    1. Thank you! I’ve definitely thought about posting on Pinterest and I think I will soon. At the moment I just want to develop the aesthetic before going on Pinterest.


  2. Wow your DA looks so amazing, it is so aesthetically pleasing with the black and white, and I love the looks that you create!! I’m also really looking forward to seeing your room transformation and hearing your tips and tricks when it comes to buying clothes. I think that will really help you gain a wider audience because people, me included, can’t always afford clothes that other fashion bloggers post as it is simply out of their budget. Congrats on the follow increase that is such a good achievement, you will definitely reach 200 followers by the end of the year! Also, I hadn’t even thought about using hashtags when I post on Instagram, that is a really good idea!!


    1. Thank you so much Abbie! I’m definetly going to post my tips and tricks about buying clothes soon! and the room makeover I’m hoping to complete during the break, but I’ll definitely be documenting that!

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  3. Hey Olivia, great blog as usual. 30 new followers on Instagram is amazing. Don’t get disheartened. Great to see that you have incorporated hashtags into your images as I personally know that they can help increase awareness to your page. I think you should have included more visuals in this blog to separate the text and make it easier to read. As someone who follows your DA on insta, even if I am not the target audience, I like what you are doing 🙂 It is great to hear that you love your DA as you should. I hope you continue with it in the future!


  4. Hi Olivia, great to hear how much you are enjoying your DA! It’s awesome that you can incorporate more things you like, such as doing your hair and makeup, into your fashion DA. When you are passionate about your DA it really shows. Thinking about your audience and what they like, maybe you can do some polls or a Q&A to help understand what your audience is enjoying about your DA.


    1. Thank you for the feedback. i have definitely used polls and Q&As during my DA as this is how i decide the type of content I post.


  5. It is so inspiring to hear that you are so passionate about your DA! I admire how you are obsessed with expressing yourself through your DA and how you specifically set time aside to work on it. Your feed is very aesthetically pleasing to look at, as well as the presets you have used. In this blog post, I love the ideas you listed for upcoming posts, such as, “how to shop on a budget”. I believe this would be so helpful to target your intended audience and help university students in general – including me! For some constructive criticism, I suggest asking your audience what type of posts they want to see through other social media platforms. In relation to my DA, I have done this through creating Twitter polls and asking my audience what type of TikTok videos they would be interested in watching. Keep up the great work though! I can’t wait to binge watch more of your Instagram stories and see future posts!


    1. Thank you Annesha! I love hearing that you’re enjoying my stories content! I will take your feedback and and incorporate it into my DA


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