Contextual Essay-A Final Update

DA Link: oliviajlopezm

Let’s take it back to the beginning, back to the first DA idea to the present, to what my DA has grown to become.

Initially my DA was named Pinterest Outfits Coming to Life/ OOTD. My hopes for the DA were to go through my wardrobe as well as purchase new pieces to be able to recreate those gorgeous Pinterest outfits you pin to your fashion boards. The purpose was to be able to inform my audience of where my outfits came from to be able to recreate the style.

My mood board was always inspired by mini skirts, thigh high boots, simple colours, bodysuits and an overall girly aesthetic. Its an aesthetic I have always admired and loved!

My Mood Board

After trying to style some looks and a few shopping hauls into my DA progress, I discovered that it was not easy finding these pieces. It was also becoming expensive which automatically told me I was no longer following the FIST model. I also didn’t feel like myself wearing white or light colours. So I decided to change the aesthetic of my DA to better suit what I would actually wear out, and so Black and White Monochromatic Fashion was born!

I decided to start from scratch and simply ask my audience if what I wanted to post would be something they would like to see.

During this time, I also noticed my audience increase which I believe is due to the change in aesthetic.

As I continued posting with this new aesthetic and layout, I discovered I enjoyed the process of creating content more. This helped to be able to find free time to create the content, time being an aspect I have always struggled with due to my work life. My posts consisted outfits I had styled directly from my wardrobe. This DA was now following the FIST model.

I continued to post my shopping hauls when I bought new clothing pieces and polls to be able to interact with my audience, discovering that my audience preferred being given the answers rather than having to type them.

Having taken the poll above, I took the feedback I received and started posting more lazy day outfits as requested on my stories. These were easy for me to post as I was posting unedited videos and photos of what I look like when I’m having a chill day at home.

I have also started looking at how to style filler photos rather than posting quotes in between my Instagram feed. I have yet found the best format to post these so in the meantime, I have reduced the quantity of quotes in my feed and posting more of my outfits. This in turn has changed my feed layout.

Working on this project has given me more confidence. I use my DA to talk. educate and humour my audience. I’ve always found talking to a camera to be therapeutic and it has helped me be more confident with myself, expressing my style and my voice to my audience.

I have enjoyed working on this DA more than anything else I have worked on this year! I truly hope that my DA continues to grow and my aesthetic continues to develop as I develop and grow as an individual.

What’s next???

Over the break, I hope to continue posting and developing my myself and my aesthetic. I’m hoping to discover the best way to take filler pictures to upload to my feed and I want to continue to help my audience style themselves!

I’m also hoping to take my DA to TikTok to continue to grow my DA as I can see potential in using the platform to grow my audience.

If you have yet followed my DA, please follow it on Instagram – @oliviajlopezm.

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