Online Presence Part 2


I wanted to review and talk about my DA process and speak more specifically about the things I’ve noticed with my DA and my audience.

I want to first begin by talking about the posts that perform better than others. Yes, I know you know my posts with me in them perform better, but I want to be more specific.

To be more specific I need to be very honest and explain this in an honest no filter type of way. The posts where I’m in a tight dress, or that show my features, they’re the ones I have discovered have gained the most attention. I would say the ‘sexier’ posts perform better in terms of statistics.

In saying this, my goal was not to necessarily post ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ images, but I have found that this sort of post does perform better overall on most Instagram accounts. Now whether this is guys being guys or girls thinking they need these posts to remind them of “body goals” or “Insta goals”, which I do not feel I’m anywhere near, this overall performs better.

I now have 2 choices, do I post content that performs best to see how my account grows, or do I continue to post outfits that I enjoy posting? Being a perfectionist, who ALWAYS wants to do better, the option of posting ‘sexier’, going out sort of content sounds more appealing because I can see how I can truly grow my audience. But posting content that showcases my outfits, both cute and lazy, show the real me although the full glam, dressed up version of Olivia is still me.

If you haven’t seen my page, below are some of the images I am referring to:

At the point i have too many choices. And I’m leaving this up to you reading this. What should I continue posting? OR what do YOU recommend I should post more? OR is there anything else you think I should do with my DA?



4 thoughts on “Online Presence Part 2

  1. Hey lovely girl! As a follower of your page, I love seeing your raw content – talking and sharing on instagram stories they are so interesting to watch. I understand where you’re coming from in terms of being a perfectionist and having options in which direction to go with (with what to post) – BASED on feedback and analytics. As an insta fashion blogger, I believe you should post whatever YOU desire, and however you would like – as likes and comments do play a role in feedback it doesn’t necessarily have to change your entire concept, you could maybe incorporate more of you both raw and fancy content and limit some thing so that when you do post consistently, it will always reveal the purpose of your page and thats why maybe sometimes some of your posts attract more likes than others. At the end of the day, we don’t want to make every little feedback change our entire concept/end goal or else we will keep making changes based on what other’s “prefer”! Just a little feedback hehe, but i believe you’re doing great be true to you and do what you want!


    1. Thank you so much Stella! I love how you’re enjoying my raw stories. I love filming them and I feel like most time people don’t care, but glad to hear that you do!


  2. You are a QUEEN! I can not wait to follow you on this journey, showing the real side of you and on instagram can be scary how ever you are killing it. I think by posting on stories and using the question box can really help your engagement and your interaction with your followers. Keep doing you!!!!


    1. Hi Victoria! Thank you so much. I’m glad you are enjoying my content. I will definitely take on your feedback and use it in my DA!


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