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Over the much needed uni break, I had many new things happen in my life. I moved into my new house and unpacking, building and buying furniture was in full swing. I also decided to get another job, so now i’m juggling 2 jobs, a double degree and my social life. So that’s the main update and they’re the main reason for not having posted on here in a while and I truly apologise, but I’m back and blog posts will be back on track!

As uni has now begun for semester 2, I needed to come up with a new DA idea for my BCM114 class. My DA from BCM112 didn’t go as well as I had hoped for. It worked fairly well but I decided that for BCM114 I needed to do something simpler that works better for my very busy life.

When coming up with new ideas, I looked back on the ideas I had come up with during BCM112 and although they seemed intriguing, I didn’t feel like they would work for me. What inspired me most was a skirt I had purchased about 2 months ago that I purchased without even realising I had pinned on my Pinterest board. This picture was pinned almost 2 years ago. In that moment, I realised that I needed to help others like myself who struggle to find the clothes in Pinterest pictures.

So today I want to introduce to you my DA!


My DA will be posted to my Instagram account- oliviajlopezm

Below is my mood board. I’m super excited to see where this goes!

2 thoughts on “A PERSONAL UPDATE & A DA AGAIN?!

  1. I love your idea for your DA! I find it particularly encouraging that you have firsthand experienced the FEFO way, and picked yourself back up to brainstorm and recreate your DA whilst still integrating the things you love most! It’s exciting that you’re using one of your passions to create your DA and bring it to life because it means it also follows the FIST principle, as you mentioned that you have a lot of that style of clothing meaning it will be relatively inexpensive and not too time consuming as it’s a passion of yours and will be both for uni but also have a sense of fun. I would really benefit from following your DA because I know I often struggle to decide on an outfit and love looking at others for inspiration! I’m sure you’ll smash this x

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