Project Beta

Since the last update- Project Pitch, my DA has had a slight change. An upgrade if you will.

I originally started my DA naming it “Pinterest Outfits Coming to Life/OOTD” with the intention of taking out the hard work of searching for the clothing images you find on Pinterest. I had also intended on posting my everyday outfits to show my audience my style.

After creating a few posts, I felt unmotivated. I just didn’t feel like I was posting images that represented my fashion style well enough.

So I decided I needed to change, my clothes and my Instagram feed. Once I did this, I instantly felt more motivated to create content and you could see the confidence in the images. My new DA I decided to name “Monochromatic Fashion” because my style is chic and timeless as it consists of monochromatic black and white pieces which can be easily styled with many other pieces.

To continue producing confident and empowering content, I decided to alternate posting fashion quotes between my fashion images. This allowed me to post “filler” photos while I was unable to take images of new outfits.

I also posted a lot of polls and quizzes to receive feedback from my audience as I discovered it was best to collect my feedback this way as asking for feedback, I received little to none.

Below I have included my Instagram feed as well as the analytics from both my feed and my Instagram stories to show how I have grown and developed my DA so far.

I have loved every moment since updating my DA. It has me very excited for the future of it and hopefully it can develop into more than just a project for uni.

Follow the DA on Instagram @ oliviajlopezm


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