Instagram is not as simple as it seems.

Pinterest Outfits Coming to Life/OOTD has had a bit of a change! My DA is still about fashion and showcasing how I style clothing, but with a significant on Pinterest Outfits. The shift in focus is to try to follow the FIST model by recreating some of my favourite outfits I’ve worn in the past without always spending money to create my content.

I love Pinterest fashion but it is extremely hard to find the pieces I have pinned in stores. In saying this, I will still create content that focuses on recreating Pinterest Outfits on the occasion where I am able to.

Now for the statistics and figures!

I started my account with 80 followers. I used an account which I had previously used very rarely. The followers were mainly my friends and family.

Once I started promoting my page, @oliviajlopezm on Instagram, I started to see some growth! This is always the most exciting part of any DA.

As the pictures above show, my growth has been slow and steady, but progress is progress.

Between posts, I have regularly posted hauls on my instagram stories to stay active on my page. Polls have also been common from me as this has been the easiest way for me to discover what my followers most want to see.

Most of my feedback has been fairly positive which has increased my interest and passion to create content for my DA.

So far I have loved the experience of growing my fashion account and I’m super excited to see what the future holds in store for me with my DA.

Stay tuned for further updates! And if you haven’t followed my DA already, please give it a follow! Link below.

Let’s all support each other so please comment your DA links!


One thought on “THE DA UPDATE

  1. Hey! I really love your idea for the DA. I think it is great that you are tracking your growth of the account, this will really come in handy as the DA project continues. The one thing I would say is really be able to narrow down who you targeted audience is, this is the KEY to growing your platform, simply by just trying to figure out who you’re aiming to reach by doing this! The way you engage with your audience already will make a difference when creating content that suits your target audience needs. Keep killing it!! – T


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