Welcome to my new DA pitch for BCM114- Pinterest Outfits Coming to Life/ OOTD (Outfits of the Day)!

My DA is all about recreating Pinterest outfits by searching through my closet to create the style and by purchasing new items. On my DA, I will also haul the clothing pieces I purchase in between styling outfits. I will also be posting my daily outfits because we don’t always dress to impress. We’re all allowed to have our lazy days.

The DA will consist of me taking pictures of the outfits styled and compare them from the original images, tagging the companies my clothes were purchased from as well as listing the exact product names to easily look up the item to purchase it.

I will also give my best advice on finding the best deals and specials to help you buy the clothing pieces, as well as my best tips to save money! Being a uni student can be expensive, but It also has its benefits!

Leave me feedback as well as your DA links!



  1. 100% interested with your DA, we are the girls, we love dressing beautiful and trendy outfits. Whenever going out, I spend few hours standing in front of my closet to mix & match outfits. I’m a typical girl addicted to shopping clothes. I brought many expensive outfits just because it is hot , trendy but they were not suitable with me… So wasting !!! Your DA suggests best and special deals to buy clothing pieces is really good for me. Besides you also can give advice about this shape of body will be fit with what kind of outfits, or suggest mix & match outfits for special occasions such as dating, prom, music festival, wedding party, birthday party… somewhat. Hopefully you will get a success DA!!!

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  2. I love this idea!! As someone who is not super confident with my body and styling clothes, I look forward to this. I definitely see myself using your account to help me pick what to wear. I think it would be really cool if you had like outfits for specific occasions, because I literally would not know what to wear to an engagement party aha. I would love hauls too, I enjoy youtube clothes hauls so much and I know you have made youtube videos in the past so It would be really good to see you do that 🙂


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