Beauty Reviews & Hauls September Update


September was a good month. My intention was to grow my presence on my TikTok page and that’s exactly what I noticed happen. I found September to be an inspirational month. I had the motivation, the content ideas and the time to create content and post on a consistent schedule which I believe truly helped with the success of September.

I began the month with the following statistics.

And ended the month with these statistics.

September saw a brand reach out to me and challenged me to determine what rates I should charge as a new content creator. Although the offer was discussed and rates were exchanged, the brand never ended up reaching out to me to decline or to negotiate. This tells me maybe I had rates set too high. Nevertheless, this didnt deter me, if that brand didnt see my poential, someone else will.

I never set goals on how many followers I wanted to reach but I decided in September to try to reach 800 followers for October and if I stay as consistent as I was in September, October may be even better than before. My fingers are crossed and hopefully I can reach that milestone.

If you’re not following my page, @oliviajlopez on TikTok!

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