Peering for the Final Time!

I’ve been following Jess Jenkin’s & Georgie O’Brien’s DAs this semester. Jess has and is reigniting her photography Instagram page while Georgie is on the resources team promoting Building 29. While these 2 DAs are different from one another, they share the commonality of following interests of theirs.  

Jess has documented her weekly progress update on Twitter in the form of tweet updates with images of the progress she has made or the work she is editing. This was an excellent way to document the progress but I believe that she could have benefited from further interactions on Twitter to promote her Instagram page. I feel this DA could be improved with a collaboration from anyone from the creative services team to provide feedback on her DA or to elevate the experience of the viewer of the page. 

Although work has begun on this DA, I feel as though Jess would benefit from truly working on the DA, posting Instagram stories, and more images to her feed or quite possibly seeing a change in the platform she is using to see if her following would grow, as this is something that has not grown at a steady pace. I believe there is a lot of potential in this DA and I truly want to see Jess feel she has created a DA she is proud of, with experience that could assist her in achieving a dream job role. As this is not yet the end of the DA, I hope to see more, but specifically more of what she loves. 

My suggestion to improve upon this DA is to reach out yourself to collaborate with a member of the creative services team to enhance your potential future client to fall in love with what you create, and Jess you have some stunning images. I would also suggest trying new platforms to promote your work or a new posting schedule to have more interactions, I’ve found that interactions are extremely helpful. Possibly researching your niche and other creators could help with the DAs development, growth and exposure. My suggestion for this is to try and follow people who are in similar fields to you and see what works well for them and your niche and just give it a go!

Georgie’s DA is already underway with the rest of the Resources Building 29 team. Georgie’s role within this group is the social media content producer and visual design manager. She has used her Twitter weekly updates to promote the UOWbuilding29 Instagram page as she has been creating posts that can be found on the page. I feel as though the page has a strong brand and aesthetic which with the continued development of the social media page should hopefully be recognisable amongst all UOW students in the future.

This DA has progressed steadily and I think it has done well with its branding. I believe Georgie could improve her weekly Twitter updates by submitting them weekly as this is something I have noticed to have been lacking. I appreciate seeing the tweets come through and I can forgive this with the amount of work I can see she has created and posted, but I enjoy seeing everyone’s weekly update at the end of each week.

As our DAs require an element of collaboration, I think it could be interesting to see how Georgie and her team have incorporated that element outside of those who are part of the resources building 29 teams. I think this could help further spread the information being provided about building 29 and the resources it has on offer for UOW students.

As for improvements, I think posting consistent weekly updates, but also I would love to see maybe more about the future of this DA’s development. Are there plans to pass on the social media pages to the next set of 3rd-year students? I think this could be an interesting topic Georgie and her team could discuss and maybe put out on their page to see what others think also.

Overall, the work that has been completed is exciting and honestly looks amazing. I’m very impressed and cannot wait to see these DAs continue to grow. I would love to see these digital artefacts help both these girls get into their dream job roles and enhance their skills in their chosen fields. My big tip for this blog post is to do what you love because when you love what you do, not only does it show but it helps you with your future but it gives you confidence and makes you happy. I’ve learnt the hard way that if I didn’t wholeheartedly love my DA and what I was creating, then it was obvious and minimal if at all happened that felt worth discussing/documenting. I just hope that both Jess and Georgie are loving their DA experience as much as I have this semester!

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