Algorithmic Control III: Privacy, Surveillance, and the Price of Content


This week’s lecture really got me thinking about the times I’ve seen ads that were somehow being shown to me but I hadn’t gone looking for them. They were simply items that I had talked about to friends or family. This is clearly an example of some sort of surveillance. It may not be a camera recording me, but my phone was listening to me.

The most recent advertisement I had targeted to me was a Betty Crocker ad. Minutes before I saw the ad, I had been talking to a friend on FaceTime and somehow the name Betty Crocker was mentioned. The ad was for a brownie mix. I have only ever made brownies once because personally I prefer cookies, but it was such a strange experience.

To give you further information, I don’t follow any Instagram or Facebook pages designed to showcase cooking or baking. I mainly follow friends, influencers, celebrities and makeup companies so to receive an ad for a brownie mix was extremely strange considering I mentioned the name minutes prior.

While writing this post, I saw an ad for furniture. 33 minutes before this ad, I had tweeted about receiving the keys to my new house and being excited to design my new bedroom.

To me it’s scary to think that my phone could be monitoring or listening to me.

Tell me about any of your experiences where you have felt you were being surveilled?


WEEK 10: Hardware Platforms, Access Permissions and Ideologies


In this week’s lecture there was a strong focus on Apple and Android and comparing the two. This got me thinking about why I choose to be loyal to Apple when I grew up in a household filled with android products.

My parents had always owned android phones and naturally my first phone was a hand-me-down Samsung. I honestly don’t remember which one but what I do remember was the confusion it gave me trying to find apps and download apps. I simply did not like it’s layout. Clearly I needed someone to give me everything already picked out for me, clearly I wanted an iPhone.

I finally got myself my first iPhone after my parents told me that I had to buy one. So I found a job and got myself an iPhone 6S. I absolutely loved the layout! Finding apps was easy, finding music was quick and simple and I knew what was happening because I recognised all the apps.

Looking back at this memory, I’ve come to realise that I clearly prefer my devices to have closed source software . I’m not saying that android devices (open sourced software) are horrible but they confused me majorly when trying to use them.


Intellectual Property and the Content Control Industry


Intellectual property (IP), as defined by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, relates to the creation of the mind; inventions; literary and artistic works; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. IP is then divided into industrial property and copyright.

What intrigued me the most learning about this topic was the thought of not having copyright in our lives. We have grown up in an era with copyright laws to prevent our works from being repurposed by others.

Before copyright became relevant, protecting others from having their works taken by someone was considered to be part of the public domain. This allowed anyone to take your work and claim it as their own.

These days many people create watermarks onto their works. You can find them on pictures posted to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and many other social media sites. They are not limited to just social media, you can find them on other works such as paintings. These marks are a way to prevent others from using their images/works and claiming them as your own. They are super easy to make and stamp onto your images. Below is a quick tutorial on how to make one for yourself!


Hyperreality, Simulation, Spectacle


Over the years I have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to create this image that I live a perfect ‘reality’ but my life is far from perfect.

“Happiness is the same price as red bottoms” -Ariana Grande, 7 Rings

I always admired those who owned Apple products and as a young teen I dreamed of a MacBook and an iPhone. I convinced my parents to get me that MacBook and I got a job so I could get myself an iPhone. The world of social media was the reason behind why I believed that I ‘needed’ these things to be happy. The ‘realities’ I was seeing on social media pressured me. I grew up thinking I needed an Audi or a Mercedes for a car and I needed those red bottoms and that classic black double G Gucci belt to have a perfect life. But what was actually happening was that I was being influenced by the hyperrealities that these social media ‘influencers’ were creating and ultimately sucked into a society obsessed with materialistic items.

Below is a collection of the items I have purchased that I believed I needed in my life, I know now after having purchased them that not all were ‘necessary’.

These are all things that I’ve bought because of social media!


DA Beta: An Update


When I was thinking about ideas for my DA, I automatically thought about finally filming videos and posting them to Youtube. I was always too scared of what people would think when I was younger which was what stopped me then, but this DA has allowed me to be as creative as I wanted, so I decided Youtube was for me!

Filming Youtube videos is a lot of fun. I really enjoy the process of sitting in front of my camera and doing my makeup or talking to what seems like myself, but to be fair I talk to myself all the time anyways so what’s new?. But I’m not the biggest fan of editing. I’ve found that editing is the hardest part about my DA, especially finding the time to edit those videos I’ve filmed. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it because at times I do, it’s the part before I begin editing to be the hardest because I’m not always bothered.

I currently have 3 videos filmed and ready to be edited but because of uni and all the assignments I’ve received, I haven’t had as much time to edit my videos as I would have hoped for. I also find it quite hard to sit in front of my laptop for hours editing since I’ve already been sitting by my laptop in my lectures and tutorials for hours. So I struggle finding motivation some days.

Filming a makeup tutorial can take me around 2 hours to film, and editing 2 hours worth of footage is very time-consuming but I know that I don’t want to give up on creating videos for Youtube. I also know that if I’m struggling to find time to edit long videos maybe I need to film different videos that aren’t as long.

So I’ve decided that instead of focussing on makeup tutorial videos, that maybe I should try filming vlogs or sit down videos giving advice on makeup or any other topics requested.

By creating videos that don’t take as long to film, it’ll allow me to edit and upload more frequently. I would also create a schedule as a way to keep track of what I need to do whether it be filming or editing to ensure that I’m creating content. I love what I’m doing so I’m going to do my best to push forward and find that motivation to edit what I have filmed.

To subscribe, click the link:


Framing and the Construction of Perception


This weeks topic was one that interested me a lot. It had a heavy focus on psychology which I haven’t always been a fan of but for some reason this topic really caught my attention from the beginning.

There was a heavy focus on how the media frame news stories and yet another strong focus on the concept of schema. Learning about schema really intrigued me.

In the podcast type of remediation I created, I went into more detail on these concepts also providing examples to be able to better understand them. I even asked some of my friends about their thoughts on COVID-19 since it is a very current news story that was framed as something that was only affecting China until it spread and media outlets decided to flip their angles on the story and change their frames.




This week’s topic in particular really interested me because I finally understood what a meme was and their purpose.

A meme does not always need to be funny which is what I believed prior to beginning BCM112. A great meme conveys an idea and has a purpose. Whether that idea or purpose is for political use or to advertise a company’s product it can be used as a marketing tool. Memes can still be made with the intention to be funny or relatable which becomes very popular amongst younger generations.

Prior to this weeks lesson I didn’t understand why the 2016 American election was as big as it was. I hadn’t really paid attention to meme warfare and once explained, I truly understood how powerful memes can truly be and with the example of Hilary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign, I understood the power a meme can have.

Networked Participation and Collective Intelligence


In this week’s lecture, we continued to explore the internet paradigm and more specifically the two different ways we have been able to deliver our messages. These two forms being monological media and dialogic media.

Monologic media was the way we all once received messages through mediums such as radios, televisions and newspapers. It allowed audiences to ‘passively consume’ the messages being received and allowed little to no room for interpretation. This was a one to many approach.

On the other hand, dialogic media is information that leads conversations. It begins with someone writing down their thoughts and others reacting and contributing through social media. A Wikipedia page is a perfect example as it allows anyone to edit. It has a many to many approach allowing for different interpretations from anyone who wants to join in on the conversation.

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Haesler, P, (2016), ‘Monologic vs Dialogic Media” viewed 17th of April 2020,

The Medium is the Message II: Digital Production and the Network Economy


To continue with the topic of the medium is the message, we learnt about the different types of digital production and the network economy. The internet paradigm has allowed for millions of people to take an image and change its meaning. Essentially the internet is a giant photocopying machine but with each copy we have slight variation.

Using the different styles we have available thanks to the creativity of users who now ideate, produce and distribute their content I have created a few of my own GIFs as practice to showcase how the internet paradigm has influenced me.

I love all things glitzy and glamorous so for my first GIF I used a glitch style as I think this style is contradictory to the luxury aesthetic.

The second GIF I created was inspired by Tik Tok and the Kardashains. This simple GIF is my take on their aesthetic and the highly popular “ABCDEFG I HAVE TO GO Tik Tok”.

ABCDEFG I have to go




Hey guys, just wanted to make a post to announce my new youtube video!

Please comment ideas for videos both here and in the comment section of my Youtube video. Since I’m stuck at home as I am no longer able to go to work (yea i know it kinda sucks, I miss my job!) I have a lot of free time to film and edit so please send me requests!

Also my editing skills will improve, I promise. I am still very new to this editing world but life is all about learning so I’m learning and living.