WEEK 10: Hardware Platforms, Access Permissions and Ideologies

In this week’s lecture there was a strong focus on Apple and Android and comparing the two. This got me thinking about why I choose to be loyal to Apple when I grew up in a household filled with android products.

My parents had always owned android phones and naturally my first phone was a hand-me-down Samsung. I honestly don’t remember which one but what I do remember was the confusion it gave me trying to find apps and download apps. I simply did not like it’s layout. Clearly I needed someone to give me everything already picked out for me, clearly I wanted an iPhone.

I finally got myself my first iPhone after my parents told me that I had to buy one. So I found a job and got myself an iPhone 6S. I absolutely loved the layout! Finding apps was easy, finding music was quick and simple and I knew what was happening because I recognised all the apps.

Looking back at this memory, I’ve come to realise that I clearly prefer my devices to have closed source software . I’m not saying that android devices (open sourced software) are horrible but they confused me majorly when trying to use them.


4 thoughts on “WEEK 10: Hardware Platforms, Access Permissions and Ideologies

  1. Hi Olivia, loved looking at the memes you had created, I really resonated with them as I am an iPhone user myself! I definitely enjoyed your post I believe most people our age actually prefer iPhones to androids despite them being a closed source. I think there are definitely conversations to be had around why we prefer it to open source, as they have so many creative benefits and little to no gatekeepers. Open source also has the ability yo create collective intelligence which is so cool. I would actually wonder if we prefer closed source because it might feel bit safer? Or more factually accurate content is found because of the highly controlled system?


  2. I really like how you told your personal experience when it comes to the controversial topic of “Apple vs Android”. Many of us can relate to always wanting an Apple iPhone because majority of our peers in school had one and there is always an updated and modified Apple product released each year. In regards to the Apple vs Android debate, I found this really informative article that you should check out!


  3. Totally agree with you on the preference of liking apple’s closed software compared to android. Great blog post, was so easy to read and your remediations are so relatable!


  4. I like how you related the topic to your own personal experience! I too use to have a samsung but switched to Apple which I love wayyy more now haha . To link more to the theory of the lecture you could possibly speak more about how close and open software is exemplified through apple and android, here’s an article that helped me! https://api2cart.com/business/5-differences-between-open-source-and-closed-source-software/
    Overall, keep up the great work!!


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