The Medium is the Message II: Digital Production and the Network Economy

To continue with the topic of the medium is the message, we learnt about the different types of digital production and the network economy. The internet paradigm has allowed for millions of people to take an image and change its meaning. Essentially the internet is a giant photocopying machine but with each copy we have slight variation.

Using the different styles we have available thanks to the creativity of users who now ideate, produce and distribute their content I have created a few of my own GIFs as practice to showcase how the internet paradigm has influenced me.

I love all things glitzy and glamorous so for my first GIF I used a glitch style as I think this style is contradictory to the luxury aesthetic.

The second GIF I created was inspired by Tik Tok and the Kardashains. This simple GIF is my take on their aesthetic and the highly popular “ABCDEFG I HAVE TO GO Tik Tok”.

ABCDEFG I have to go


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