Networked Participation and Collective Intelligence

In this week’s lecture, we continued to explore the internet paradigm and more specifically the two different ways we have been able to deliver our messages. These two forms being monological media and dialogic media.

Monologic media was the way we all once received messages through mediums such as radios, televisions and newspapers. It allowed audiences to ‘passively consume’ the messages being received and allowed little to no room for interpretation. This was a one to many approach.

On the other hand, dialogic media is information that leads conversations. It begins with someone writing down their thoughts and others reacting and contributing through social media. A Wikipedia page is a perfect example as it allows anyone to edit. It has a many to many approach allowing for different interpretations from anyone who wants to join in on the conversation.

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Haesler, P, (2016), ‘Monologic vs Dialogic Media” viewed 17th of April 2020,

One thought on “Networked Participation and Collective Intelligence

  1. Hi Liv, great blog post this week! You’ve done a great job defining monologic and dialogic media, and I loved your remediation, too! I think it’s interesting how much there is to discuss considering we lived in such a media impacted world. Keep up the good work 🙂


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