DA Beta: An Update

When I was thinking about ideas for my DA, I automatically thought about finally filming videos and posting them to Youtube. I was always too scared of what people would think when I was younger which was what stopped me then, but this DA has allowed me to be as creative as I wanted, so I decided Youtube was for me!

Filming Youtube videos is a lot of fun. I really enjoy the process of sitting in front of my camera and doing my makeup or talking to what seems like myself, but to be fair I talk to myself all the time anyways so what’s new?. But I’m not the biggest fan of editing. I’ve found that editing is the hardest part about my DA, especially finding the time to edit those videos I’ve filmed. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it because at times I do, it’s the part before I begin editing to be the hardest because I’m not always bothered.

I currently have 3 videos filmed and ready to be edited but because of uni and all the assignments I’ve received, I haven’t had as much time to edit my videos as I would have hoped for. I also find it quite hard to sit in front of my laptop for hours editing since I’ve already been sitting by my laptop in my lectures and tutorials for hours. So I struggle finding motivation some days.

Filming a makeup tutorial can take me around 2 hours to film, and editing 2 hours worth of footage is very time-consuming but I know that I don’t want to give up on creating videos for Youtube. I also know that if I’m struggling to find time to edit long videos maybe I need to film different videos that aren’t as long.

So I’ve decided that instead of focussing on makeup tutorial videos, that maybe I should try filming vlogs or sit down videos giving advice on makeup or any other topics requested.

By creating videos that don’t take as long to film, it’ll allow me to edit and upload more frequently. I would also create a schedule as a way to keep track of what I need to do whether it be filming or editing to ensure that I’m creating content. I love what I’m doing so I’m going to do my best to push forward and find that motivation to edit what I have filmed.

To subscribe, click the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7tHVDtkLqX-j36QG7zw3qQ?


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