This week’s topic in particular really interested me because I finally understood what a meme was and their purpose.

A meme does not always need to be funny which is what I believed prior to beginning BCM112. A great meme conveys an idea and has a purpose. Whether that idea or purpose is for political use or to advertise a company’s product it can be used as a marketing tool. Memes can still be made with the intention to be funny or relatable which becomes very popular amongst younger generations.

Prior to this weeks lesson I didn’t understand why the 2016 American election was as big as it was. I hadn’t really paid attention to meme warfare and once explained, I truly understood how powerful memes can truly be and with the example of Hilary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign, I understood the power a meme can have.


  1. Hey : )Really nice blog post, I liked the way you in which you discussed what a meme is and how powerful they are in a simple yet very effective way. Likewise, in my post for this week I also discussed how much memes have become such a big and impactful part of internet culture. Thanks for the good read, keep it up !


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