Framing and the Construction of Perception

This weeks topic was one that interested me a lot. It had a heavy focus on psychology which I haven’t always been a fan of but for some reason this topic really caught my attention from the beginning.

There was a heavy focus on how the media frame news stories and yet another strong focus on the concept of schema. Learning about schema really intrigued me.

In the podcast type of remediation I created, I went into more detail on these concepts also providing examples to be able to better understand them. I even asked some of my friends about their thoughts on COVID-19 since it is a very current news story that was framed as something that was only affecting China until it spread and media outlets decided to flip their angles on the story and change their frames.


One thought on “Framing and the Construction of Perception

  1. Listening to your reinterpretation on this topic heavily influenced my own. It was really formal and provided me with enough information to feel confident enough to believe that you were a trustworthy peer to look at for guidance. Overall I really loved your blog post, love your work girl.


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