Make up Your Makeup; Let’s continue collecting

Make up Your Makeup is more than just about becoming the best makeup artist. Growing and building your makeup collection is one of the most exciting things when you start out in makeup. You test products, you hate products, you find your holy grails and through the hauls and all the trials and errors, youContinue reading “Make up Your Makeup; Let’s continue collecting”


In BCM300 I have played 3 games so far. In the video below, I give my autoethnographic experience on the 3 games whilst the blog post that continues will delve into the games themselves. 6 Nimmt 6 Nimmt is a 2-10 player card game designed by Wolfgang Kramer. It was released in 1994 and hasContinue reading “MY GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCE- FROM A NON-GAMING, MAKEUP-LOVING GIRLY-GIRL!”

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

At the beginning of the semester and reading BCM215’s name- Game Media Industries, I already imagined having to study gaming and gamers, something I had never thought of myself as. Although the entire semester looked over the gaming industry and its different areas, I surprisingly enjoyed the weekly topics and the freedom I had withContinue reading “Kim Kardashian Hollywood”

Diving deep into my analytical framework

For my DA I am studying games examining their role of marketing and the financial benefits a celebrity would be receiving from having created a game. My DA strictly examines celebrity games suitable for mobile devices, personally I am using my iPhone to play these games. Marketing is 1 of the 4 main business functions.Continue reading “Diving deep into my analytical framework”

The Worst Video Game Ever?

Being crowned the title of worst anything ever sucks. Having created the worst video game that it had to be buried in the dessert because of its failure would not have been easy for the creators of the game ET, The Extra-Terrestrial. It was July of 1982 and the biggest tech company at the time,Continue reading “The Worst Video Game Ever?”