Peer Review- Beta be Better

Peer feedback is never easy for me. I always end up leaning towards providing good feedback and therefore I avoid providing any feedback that may come across in any way negative. I know how disheartening receiving feedback can be when you felt you had produced something you were proud of. I also struggle with peerContinue reading “Peer Review- Beta be Better”

Celebrity Games Got a Whole Lot Beta

My DA process has had a slow start but, week after week I have felt improvement within my research and the progress of my DA. With each weekly blog post, I have been able to further develop my research and ultimately my analytical frameworks. Beginning my DA I had made the assumption that Kim KardashianContinue reading “Celebrity Games Got a Whole Lot Beta”

BCM241- The BETA Update

Since my pitch, I have spent time learning more about TikTok and have endeavoured to connect what I have learnt in our classes and applied the knowledge to my DA. Ethics is a very important part of research collection. To ensure I am protecting the identity of anyone who interacts with my comments or content,Continue reading “BCM241- The BETA Update”