Celebrity Games Got a Whole Lot Beta


My DA process has had a slow start but, week after week I have felt improvement within my research and the progress of my DA. With each weekly blog post, I have been able to further develop my research and ultimately my analytical frameworks.

Beginning my DA I had made the assumption that Kim Kardashian (KK) had developed a game with pop up ads and in-game purchases solely to make money and to enhance her rapid shot to fame she had been experiencing in 2014, but through my research I feel I judged this game and KK by the game’s cover too quickly. Through my game experience, my assumption has been proven true but what I’ve discovered from my research about this game and the mobile gaming industry has peaked my interest.

The mobile gaming industry is fairly new and there are hundreds of thousands of games available to download for mobile devices so how did a celebrity with no gaming experience or knowledge, get the opportunity to develop their own game?

Kim Kardashian Hollywood (KKH) is developed by Glu Mobile, who claims to be “The Leader in 3D Freemium Mobile Gaming” (Glu, 2020). Their purpose is to deliver fun mobile games and game experiences and I believe they have certainly hit the mark on with KKH. The CEO of glue, Niccolo de Masi approached KK in late 2013 with the aim to “reuse engines but could add popular appeal” (Tweedie 2014) and KK fit their ideas. So in 2014 KKH was released and did better than either party had expected.

My analytical framework examines the KKH game from a financial and marketing perspective. In the first year since the game’s initial launch, over $71.8 million was made from in-app purchases alone as the game is a freemium game, meaning it is a free to download game and generated over 40 million downloads. Financially, this game has made millions and continues to do so as there is no “end” to the game so although the aim of the game is to become an A list celebrity and gain followers, there is no limit to how many followers you can accumulate as continuous updates allow for players to continue to grow their following.

Looking at the game from a marketing perspective, it was simple but genius. With the rise of Instagram and Twitter, KK was able to not only announce but also continue to promote (and still does) her game from just her social media platforms. The game targets females “emphasising the importance of cultivating a unique individual style for dissemination across networked media (Soehendar & Widjayanti 2020). Using the power of social media and targeting her female followers made this game one of the top games in 2015!

Kim Kardashian, Twitter 2014
Kin Kardashian Instagram, 2021

As I continue to develop my research, I seem to enjoy the process more and more and cannot wait to continue my DA. From my research thus far, I feel as though this game has done everything right to make it as popular as it has become.


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5 thoughts on “Celebrity Games Got a Whole Lot Beta

  1. Your project beta was presented really well! Some commonalities we have include that we both had a slow start with little engagement but felt like we eventually progressed with research and the digital artefact in general. This emphasises the crucial saying, “quality over quantity”. Some differences we have include our analytical frameworks, as I am looking at the gamification of health and fitness aspect and you are looking at the financial and marketing aspect. I am interested to see further findings and content of your digital artefact. Keep up the hard work!


  2. Hey Olivia, Your blog post and beta video were both really well presented and researched, and really show that you have a good understanding of where to go with your DA. In terms of the similarities with our analytical frameworks. There are none😂. We’re both looking at quite different niches within gaming, but I like the perspective you’re taking with using the frameworks of marketing and finance, and seeing how Kim Kardashian leveraged her own popularity to promote the game. I also don’t think you should feel too discouraged about things like analytics, and lack of audience interactions, as stuff like that comes with time. But other than that, I’m really interested to see where you take your DA in the near future, and to see your final report.


  3. I love your unique approach to your DA Olivia. Your whole blog post is way more in depth than my one or any that I have read so far. Clearly, you know what you are doing. In terms of the lack of feedback, don’t get disheartened! YouTube is a hard platform to grow an audience on. Maybe branch out to another platform that you can link back to your channel? I have noticed some similarities and differences between our projects that I think you might find interesting too.

    – Lack of engagement on our work from peers
    – The idea of ‘gamification’ is present in both our DA’s

    – Our media platforms are different. You are using YouTube and Twitter, I am using Instagram and Reddit
    – Our content is different. You are making videos whilst I am making still images.
    – Our frameworks. Yours looks at marketing and finance, mine look at modality, psychology and technique

    Even though there are more differences then similarities, it is still interesting to see how different niches can have middle point where they intersect with one another. I am keen to see how you go with feedback and I hope you don’t get disheartened. Looking forward to seeing the end result. Keep working hard! 🙂


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