Peer Review- Beta be Better

Peer feedback is never easy for me. I always end up leaning towards providing good feedback and therefore I avoid providing any feedback that may come across in any way negative. I know how disheartening receiving feedback can be when you felt you had produced something you were proud of. I also struggle with peer commentary on topics that I have little knowledge about or that I know I don’t like. Although this is the case, I try to avoid bias by challenging myself with the blogs that I selected to comment and review.

Each of my peers and I have very different analytical frameworks and our overall DA’s are all unique from one another making the task of finding commonalities a little difficult. Finding the differences on the other hand was simple as they’re more obvious at face value.

Below are each of my comments from my peers. Overall they produced a well thought out beta video and accompanying blog post. Each of their DA’s and their analytical frameworks are really well thought out and seem perfect for the areas they’re analysing.

The commonalities between the three blog posts include

– publicly available content (online)

– An evidently large amount of research was conducted

– All of my peers showed passion and interest in their DA’s fields

– Not one individual game is being analysed in the way I am analysing one game

The differences of these DA’s are from their analytical frameworks and of course from each of the areas they are analysing in comparison to my own DA.

Zelia and Annesha are both looking at gamifying their journey’s whilst Daniel is reporting gaming news.

Zelia is looking at her DA through the lens of Octalysis. A process of gamifying with an 8 step process.

Annesha is also studying the gamifying process but is also studying her audience interaction with her content.

Daniel’s frame is modality, comparing and contrasting and also the psychology of game news reporting.

Each of these DA’s are extremely different from mine. Within my DAs journey, I have been studying an already gamified life experience of gaining fame and analysing the financial and marketing that was used to make this game one of the most downloaded mobile games.

Comparing my DA with my peers is a hard task to do because of how different our frameworks are. But in saying this, I have really enjoyed delving and learning about how my peers are approaching the same tasks as I. If we all had the same framework but on different fields, although they would have a level of difference, all the research would end up being too similar. These differences really allow us to showcase our personalities and our interests.

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