BCM241- The BETA Update

Since my pitch, I have spent time learning more about TikTok and have endeavoured to connect what I have learnt in our classes and applied the knowledge to my DA.

Ethics is a very important part of research collection. To ensure I am protecting the identity of anyone who interacts with my comments or content, I have cropped names and images out of my screenshots and ensured any materials used have been accurately referenced. The way in which I’m presenting my findings is crucial to ensure I showcase my personal experience and hence following an auto ethnographic research approach.

Whilst collecting my findings, I have identified a few epiphanies that have helped me shape and mould my persona. From these identifications, I have tried to create content that combines both my epiphanies and my niche audience. With the knowledge I have gained in learning about TikTok and how it works, I have placed a large emphasis on hashtags, to reach my Ariana Grande fan niche.

Being able to also analyse and understand my epiphanies was a very important learning point for me personally, as I delved deeper into each epiphany and completed some further research on each area. For this, I decided to complete some personal research that helped me understand the connection between music, our emotions and moods more clearly. Having this knowledge allows me to further understand my niche and the fans on a deeper level and therefore guiding me with my research.


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5 thoughts on “BCM241- The BETA Update

  1. Most people tend to lose themselves in the process of making content for an audience. It’s good to hear that you have switched to something that you like even though you haven’t gotten as much feedback from it. In the long run, this is better for your wellbeing! You have clearly understood what was required from the task at hand with your mention of all the key marking criteria components. The quality, consistency, and professionalism of the presentation remains at a high level, and I love the layout and material you have used in your video. The video was a bit fast for me and some sections were too fast. I can understand why you done this because of the time limit. You have structured your beta in a way where you have presented useful findings for your own niche and academic research to back what you are saying. You have clearly engaged with the subject material with your mentions of autoethnography, epiphanies, and other reading material. One thing that I would have liked to see was more mention of your analytical framework as I struggle to comprehend what your framework is. Besides this, I really like where your DA is going. Can’t wait to see the final result. Keep working hard 🙂


  2. It is so inspiring to hear that you are so passionate about your digital artefact as well as the content and persona you have constructed. I admire how, even though you haven’t recieved much feedback, you still have the motivation to create content. Personally, I have enjoyed watching your recent content as it is quite humorous. It is clear that you have a great understanding of your chosen media niche, as well as a satisfactory amount of knowledge from the subject material and readings. Your video was well thought out and it is obvious that you put in a great amount of time and effort into the production of it. In some points of the video, you were speaking a little bit too fast so I couldn’t completely understand what you were saying, although this is understandable considering the time limit and all the information expected to be in the video. Other than that, I really like where your digital artefact is going. Keep up the great work!

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  3. Hey Olivia! I have been so excited to watch this, as myself I love Ariana and was so engaged with your digital artefact. First off, your video aesthetic is absolutely so pleasing which kept me attentive to detail while watching your beta video as you have clearly identified your understanding on your authoethnographic approach. However, what I found challenging was the speed of your beta video, I found listening in your process sounded rushed and wanted to hear more about your engagement and why you thought you received the outcome you got. What I could suggest as well is maybe searching through relevant hashtags that relate to the ari side of tiktok, and see how content is made and your content could mix within that niche on tiktok. Other than that, your blog and your beta demonstrated clear understanding on your media niche and how you were approaching it. Keep up the good work, I am excited to see what comes up throughout the next few weeks! Will be following on 🙂


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