My previous blog posts explored my media niche and my field map for this project. Having previously identified my media niche, I was able to then narrow down and determine which area of study I will be analysing this semester as part of my DA.

Identifying my media niche is a great first step, but it’s important for me to identify if there are any problems that may affect my DA and its progress. The main area of concern is recognising that my audience may not agree with my decisions/choices and that my potential audience may not actually enjoy listening to Ariana Grande related content. To combat this, I will be aiming to filter my content and target it towards Arianators as I will be identifying the different personas with the community to assist me identify how I fit in.

My Plan to Success

To stay accountable, I have created a checklist to be able to work through this DA step by step. As I complete my tasks, I will highlight the box green or red to indicate if I successfully completed or failed the task for that week. My plan is to gather the research weekly from my posts and my external research and make progress with each of my assignments weekly to reduce my stress as things become due.

The notes I will gather and present will be written and in video formats to be able to show my data and DA findings.

Ensuring my research remains ethical, I will be discussing my personal observations and discussing my own thoughts to ensure that I do not share any confidential information or research without correctly giving recognition to the creator/author.

To gain a better understanding of how I will be conducting my DA, my pitch video has been linked below!


5 thoughts on “ARIANA GRANDE – BCM241 PITCH

  1. Hi Olivia, it is clear that there was no better project for you than one where you can centre it around your biggest idol. The DA video was great, although you did talk a little fast, but I could follow along easily. Your blog post pretty much outlines everything that you will do and so does your Gantt chart. I like the idea of submitting early to get it off of your mind. A similarity between us is that we lack references that are based on our lecture materials so that would be where I would focus on for the next post. Also, similarly to me, you haven’t included references in your blog post at all, but you did in your video which makes up for it. I think more research should be done on the topic for your next posts. Other than that, good work Olivia. Keen to see it grow 🙂

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  2. Hey Olivia,
    This is such an interesting Digital Artefact and I can’t wait to see how it eventuates. I understand that we had a strict word limit and time limit for our content, so I think it’s really smart that you used links to the previous blog posts on this specific niche.

    As some who doesn’t know much about the Ariana fandom, I am interested to know more. I think the way you present your work, specifically in the video, is super accessible for a public audience- and your depth of knowledge on this subject will allow for better ethnographic research on this topic.

    I like the heading “my plan to success”- and if you maintain this schedule, I believe you will definitely produce great quality work on TikTok, and hopefully it finds the right for you page of other supporting fans. I have been following your tweets closely, and can see that you’re definitely engaging with the fandom thoroughly, tbh your the only reason I know what’s going on with Ariana ahaha.

    I think you have have engaged well with the subject readings and lecture material however I think the only issue is the lack of articles and media publication to support your work. This is something I also struggled with but I think it won’t be an issue for the next aspect of the project.

    Great Job Olivia! good luck on this Tiktok adventure ahaha

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  3. Hey Olivia, this DA is totally you and I can’t wait to see it grow! You’ve basically covered everything and really paved out to me how and what you wanted to do to approach your media niche. I also liked how you may problematised your niche which is a great way to start finding a different angle of your niche.

    However, a few things that I noticed is that you have not identified what analytical framework you may use to look at your media niche. I would recommend using something like a ‘discourse analysis’ to understand and identify how and why Arianotors communicate this or that way in particular situations. Here’s a helpful source that I found that could help you understand this framework!

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that although you seem to really know and understand lecture materials/concepts, you have not used any sources to link back to them. So just keep in mind to add sources in upcoming posts!

    Overall, Great job! I really love your DA and Pitch, you’ve touched on everything perfectly and good luck with your tiktok 🙂

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