This week our class was divided into groups. My group consisted of Tiara, Jo, Zelia and myself.

Below are the strengths we wrote down we believe we have.


  1. Very fast learner
  2. Get things done quick in a work environment
  3. Baking skills 
  4. Work well in a team 
  5. Perfectionist
  6. Can perform in front of an audience
  7. I’m good at finding good food places 
  8. Creative 
  9. Good to shop with – will choose great outfits for you
  10. Can keep appearance up
  11. Competitive
  12. Somewhat good with designing creating graphics
  13. Aesthetic experience 


  1. Background in fashion design, pattern-making and illustration 
  2. Graphic illustration 
  3. Willow charcoal/ graphite art
  4. Knowledge in marketing 
  5. Customer service 
  6. Retail management
  7. Team player 
  8. Organisation= Stationery lover
  9. Overachiever 
  10. Confident public speaker 


  1. fast learner
  2. hard worker
  3. gets shit done
  4. reliable
  5. creative
  6. organisational skills
  7. good communicator
  8. positive attitude always

Olivia (ME)

  1. Organised
  2. Reliable
  3.  Self-motivated
  4. customer service skills
  5. baking sweets
  6. making pasta and their sauces
  7. saving money and spending it
  8. Keeping on top of hw and assignments
  9. Can speak Spanish fluently
  10. Doing my makeup/ other people’s makeup
  11. Doing eyebrows 
  12. Editing videos 
  13. Very honest (if i hate it i will be very blunt about it)
  14. Competitive

With your combined skills, how could you create a dynamic group presentation for one of your topics?

I’ve decided that I will focus on the topic I’m using for my report and presentation.

TOPIC: The Impact of Social Media on the Cosmetic Industry


As this topic is one that I am truly passionate about, I would take charge in finding the research needed for the research report and the presentation. As it is my topic and I know the specific angle I want to focus on, I would try to conduct most of the research. I also enjoy researching and learning new things, especially in areas I love.

Delivery Method

I believe the best way to present the information for this topic would be to use a combination of face-to-face presenting as Tiara and I are confident in audiences, and powerpoint slides that can be designed by Jo and Zelia as they are creative individuals. Illustrations could also be created by Jo and Tiara who enjoy graphic design.

Style and Aesthetic

When I picture the style and aesthetic of my topic, I instantly picture lipsticks, mascara wands, diamonds, glitter and a combination of black, white and baby pink colours. These colours happen to be my favourites too. I find that the cosmetic industry is glamorous especially when considering that majority of the cosmetics I have and love are more on the higher end in price.

Tech Used

The tech most likely to be used in this presentation would include powerpoint, iMovie or any editing software and any graphic design websites or sketch pads (sorry not too sure of names as I have no knowledge in this field). I would also include screenshots of apps such as Instagram and Youtube to highlight the points of the research.

Are there some skills your group members have that you might be able to learn or adapt for your presentation?

I believe that I could learn how to create graphic designs Jo and Zelia, and some new editing skills from Jo. I believe that Tiara could help me with developing aesthetics as it’s something she enjoys. I believe that we would all learn from each other while working together. We would also improve the skills we already have to be able to better our future endeavours and assignments/presentations.




  1. The famous lip kits that broke the internet in late 2015 early 2016, have an amazing formula and super comfortable to wear!
  2. Those famous lip kits are now made in 3 different formulas! (I love all 3!)
  3. The famous signature Kylie lip can easily be recreated with either “Kylie” or “Candy K” lip kits!
  4. The packaging to all her products are too cute to miss, making them photogenic for those Insta pics!
  5. The Skin concealers are high coverage and perfect for concealing those bags under your eyes or redness around your nose.
  6. Her makeup brushes (I’ve bought a few sets) are super soft and blend my eyeshadow seamlessly!
  7. Her Kylighters make your cheek bones pop and the colour selection is awesome for any skin tone! Cotton Candy Cream is my favourite!
  8. The eyeshadow palettes have always had well thought our colour schemes that keep MUAs and beginners happy!
  9. Kylie Cosmetics has free shipping for domestic overs over $40 or over $60 for international which is super easy to do!
  10. Her products make the perfect gifts!

Below is my collection! I decided to upload it to Youtube because it was doing well an hour after I uploaded it! Give my TikTok a follow- oliviajlopez AND don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with me and my life!

Fan Studies


Fan Studies is a field of research that places a focus on media fans and fan cultures (Oxford Bibliographies).

So, what are you (Olivia) a fan of?

Me admitting this may sound ridiculous. I’m 18 and should ‘grow up’ but I’m a die-hard fan of…. Ariana Grande! I have loved her since her Victorious days and have grown up listening to her music and watching her career blossom into doing a clothing line with Lipsy London in 2015, her merchandise, perfumes, her MAC cosmetic line and of course her concerts.

All of my images

What can the study of fans tell us about audiences, and their relationship with media content?

I’ve always seen a fan as a person who participates in activities and shows support to a person/s, TV show or movie etc. By studying fans, we learn that there are two aspects to fandoms. One element, the social aspect, refers to fans coming together in formal or informal groups to share their mutual interest with one another (Sullivan, 2019 p. 195). The second element that focuses on fandoms is fans as interpreters and producers of media content also known as the interpretive aspect. These fans like to recreate in some form to show their appreciation of their TV show, movie, artist etc (Sullivan, 2019 p.195).

Fans of Ariana Grande communicate and support her by creating fan pages, and even meeting each other before concerts. I once had a fan page where I reposted pictures she posted. Through this page I met a bunch of other girls who I became friends with. I would also make sure that I went to her concerts and supported her by buying products of hers. I once asked the manager of a Priceline store if I could have the signage from her first perfume launch and she did! I still have all those items till this day!

How might this represent a change from earlier studies models?

Although fans now have the internet and social media to connect with one another, it has not changed the fact that fans interact with one another and have been doing so prior to the internet. In 1995, Harrington and Beilby conducted a study surrounding fans of soap operas, surveying 706 TV soap opera fans asking questions in relation to the social element of being a fan. 96% of those surveyed had said that they talked to other fans on a regular basis and with 37% of those said they spoke to 4 or more other fans about their favourite soap operas. (Sullivan 2019, p. 195)

Now days, with the internet we are able to connect to fans from all over the world without having to leave our homes. Now, all you need is a hashtag or a quick simple google search to find other fans, fan accounts, blogs and forums. Before the internet, fans would have to come together and meet at conventions or concerts or physically leave their homes to meet in person. This hasn’t changed much since I still meet people in person when I go to Ariana’s concerts.


Jenkins, H., 2019, “Fan Studies”, Oxford Bibliographies, 18th of June, [online], Viewed 20th of April 2020, https://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/view/document/obo-9780199791286/obo-9780199791286-0027.xml

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Sullivan, L, J., 2019, ” Media Audiences, Effects, Users, Institutions, and Power” (ed 2), Media Fandoms and Audience Subculture p.189-210, Sage Publications.

Media Ownership


I didn’t think it was important to know who owned the media and nor did I really care but here is why you should.

Who “owns” and/or “controls” the media you use to access the news?

“Australia’s level of media ownership is one of the highest in the world” Shadow minister for communications, Michelle Rowland 2016. Meaning that Australian media is not as diverse as other country’s media ownerships.

Before the 2018 merger between Fairfax media and Nine, the media industry and its owners looked a bit like this.

Source: The Australian Communication and Media Authority found within The Australian Quarterly

“The 4 biggest players in the legacy media industry, News Corp Australia, Fairfax Media, Seven West Media and APN News accounted for more than 90% of the revenue in the industry” (Lidberg, J. Pg15). This shows us how concentrated our media in Australia truly is. Viewers, listeners and readers have a limited range of outlets to receive their news from due to how many media outlets these companies own throughout Australia.

If we talk about emergent media outlets, Facebook, Google and Amazon, they are the top players online making some of our Australian legacy media companies incomparable with such a large global dominance.

Does this matter?

Australian media ownership does matter as this high concentrated media ownership has allowed for companies such as News Corp Australia and Fairfax media to own the majority of national and capital city newspapers. TV and radio is mainly owned by the 4 biggest local free-to-air companies, Seven West Media, Nine Entertainment, Ten Network Holdings and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation are making a sum of 70% profit on advertisings and government funding (The Conversation, 2016).

While many Australians receive their news through TV programs, radios and newspapers, many Australians will also search online outlets such as Google and Facebook to verify the news they have heard or seen. This shows us that not all of us trust the news sources we have in Australia.

What trust do you have in your news sources?

Many Australians seek to verify their news online suggesting that many Australians will seek second or third opinions on news to ensure that they are receiving the most accurate and least bias news possible.

The trust Australians have with their media sources mainly focuses on their political standing. For example many liberal siding Australians choose to watch news from Channel Nine knowing that Fairfax media also sides liberal.

This does not mean that you have to as well, it simply suggests that not all of us trust the news you receive. So in saying that, it is up to your personal choice to decide if you trust the news you receive brought to you by the media you choose to consume.



Dwyer, T. 2016, Factcheck: is Australia’s level of media ownership concentration one of the highest in the world? [online]. The Conversation, 12 December, viewed 19th April 2020, https://theconversation.com/factcheck-is-australias-level-of-media-ownership-concentration-one-of-the-highest-in-the-world-68437

Lidberg, J. 2019,The distortion of the Australian public sphere: Media ownership concentration in Australia [online]. AQ – Australian Quarterly, Vol. 90, No. 1, January, viewed 19th April 2020 Availability: <https://search-informit-com-au.ezproxy.uow.edu.au/documentSummary;dn=106474502585941;res=IELAPA> ISSN: 1443-3605.


September 10th 2014

When I was 13, I was part of my first TV show audience. It was for the channel 7 show The X-Factor Australia and I went with my then best friend, my mum and her mum. I was super excited to get tickets to be a part of this audience. I had applied all because I had seen an advertisement that Ariana Grande was meant to be making an appearance on one of the episodes. So naturally the 13 year old Olivia started applying to get tickets every single week! Just to get the boring details out of the way, no she was not on the first show I was ever at and no I never got to see her perform live on the show and yes I cried about it.That first show though, was amazing! I had never seen or understood how a TV show was filmed. Many of the special guest artists who performed were not recorded live but sang prior to the show’s start time. This confused me a lot but looking back now, I understand why the show was filmed the way it was. The time it took to set up their sets and then to pack them up and then film the judges arriving, filming the contestants and even filming the audience, it took a lot of time. More time than allocated for the show on TV.

At the time, the only negative aspect of being a part of that particular audience was how long we stood in the MoshPits. I was on the right side of the judges. Although waiting around and standing there was tiresome, overall I enjoyed my time. It was an amazing experience and one that is very memorable.

One of the most important things I took from being part of that audience was how hard the jobs of the stage crew and even the cameramen were. They were rushing around on stage or setting the cameras, checking their angles, finding the best places to set up their equipment or the sets for the performances and even dealing with the cheering. That day I found a new appreciation for those who work in the TV and film industry.

BCM110 this past week we looked at audiences, active and passive. I learnt that we have a choice in each audience, whether we want to be active within that audience or if we want to be passive and accept what we are an audience for. In my experience, I chose to be active. I chose to clap and laugh and sing along to the performances. I also learnt that an audience is anyone who connects to what they are watching, whether they watch live, a few hours later or a month later. An audience can be one individual person connecting to a show or 100 000 people watching the same show.

Tell me in the comments below your experiences in an audience or even if you have ever seen how The X-Factor Australia is filmed live.