Peer Feedback- The BETA Edition

Providing feedback to my peers is always a difficult task for me as I know how much work has gone into the task having completed it myself. I also feel conflicted whilst commenting on my peers content as I do not want my bias opinion on theirs topics to cloud my feedback.

Below are my 3 beta blog post comments. I choose to leave comments on these 3 posts as they are the furtherest from my own media niche as well as being topics that I have very little knowledge on. I did this to try and give myself a challenge when examining their work and providing genuine feedback that runs beyond saying “this is good” or “I didn’t like this”. I looked through the marking criteria as a guide in providing my feedback.

Each blog post had conducted a lot of research to support their DA, which was really good to see as it showed their levels of commitment to their DA. The main point that differentiated each of these DAs, apart from their topics, was their video structures and tone of voice. Some sounded more confident than others but all showed genuine interest in the area of their research.

From this process, and receiving feedback myself, I have learnt that I need to speak in a slower manner as many people have mentioned that they struggle to keep up with my videos. I definitely understand where they are coming from and I always keep this in mind but with strict time limits, this is an area I always struggle with but I truly appreciate the feedback I receive during peer commentary.

Links to my comments can be found below!

Alek’s Blog Post

Daniel’s Blog Post

Alex’s Blog Post

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