This week our class was divided into groups. My group consisted of Tiara, Jo, Zelia and myself.

Below are the strengths we wrote down we believe we have.


  1. Very fast learner
  2. Get things done quick in a work environment
  3. Baking skills 
  4. Work well in a team 
  5. Perfectionist
  6. Can perform in front of an audience
  7. I’m good at finding good food places 
  8. Creative 
  9. Good to shop with – will choose great outfits for you
  10. Can keep appearance up
  11. Competitive
  12. Somewhat good with designing creating graphics
  13. Aesthetic experience 


  1. Background in fashion design, pattern-making and illustration 
  2. Graphic illustration 
  3. Willow charcoal/ graphite art
  4. Knowledge in marketing 
  5. Customer service 
  6. Retail management
  7. Team player 
  8. Organisation= Stationery lover
  9. Overachiever 
  10. Confident public speaker 


  1. fast learner
  2. hard worker
  3. gets shit done
  4. reliable
  5. creative
  6. organisational skills
  7. good communicator
  8. positive attitude always

Olivia (ME)

  1. Organised
  2. Reliable
  3.  Self-motivated
  4. customer service skills
  5. baking sweets
  6. making pasta and their sauces
  7. saving money and spending it
  8. Keeping on top of hw and assignments
  9. Can speak Spanish fluently
  10. Doing my makeup/ other people’s makeup
  11. Doing eyebrows 
  12. Editing videos 
  13. Very honest (if i hate it i will be very blunt about it)
  14. Competitive

With your combined skills, how could you create a dynamic group presentation for one of your topics?

I’ve decided that I will focus on the topic I’m using for my report and presentation.

TOPIC: The Impact of Social Media on the Cosmetic Industry


As this topic is one that I am truly passionate about, I would take charge in finding the research needed for the research report and the presentation. As it is my topic and I know the specific angle I want to focus on, I would try to conduct most of the research. I also enjoy researching and learning new things, especially in areas I love.

Delivery Method

I believe the best way to present the information for this topic would be to use a combination of face-to-face presenting as Tiara and I are confident in audiences, and powerpoint slides that can be designed by Jo and Zelia as they are creative individuals. Illustrations could also be created by Jo and Tiara who enjoy graphic design.

Style and Aesthetic

When I picture the style and aesthetic of my topic, I instantly picture lipsticks, mascara wands, diamonds, glitter and a combination of black, white and baby pink colours. These colours happen to be my favourites too. I find that the cosmetic industry is glamorous especially when considering that majority of the cosmetics I have and love are more on the higher end in price.

Tech Used

The tech most likely to be used in this presentation would include powerpoint, iMovie or any editing software and any graphic design websites or sketch pads (sorry not too sure of names as I have no knowledge in this field). I would also include screenshots of apps such as Instagram and Youtube to highlight the points of the research.

Are there some skills your group members have that you might be able to learn or adapt for your presentation?

I believe that I could learn how to create graphic designs Jo and Zelia, and some new editing skills from Jo. I believe that Tiara could help me with developing aesthetics as it’s something she enjoys. I believe that we would all learn from each other while working together. We would also improve the skills we already have to be able to better our future endeavours and assignments/presentations.

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