A Skill I’m Particularly Good At

To ask me to decide on 1 skill I feel I’m particularly good at is extremely difficult, but the first thing to come to mind is makeup knowledge and its application.

I am no makeup artist, but I most certainly possess the same skill and products they use to complete a full glam or a natural bronze glow. From a young age, I was drawn to makeup. It excited me and intrigued me that these colours and products had the ability to change a person’s self-confidence whilst still keeping them looking like themself (obviously not speaking about special effect makeup). Colour says a lot about a person. I’m a pink makeup girl. I love the pink glitter, and the pink blush and have always gravitated towards pink-toned nude lipstick or just a classic pink will work too! I’m a girly girl through and through. Pink symbolizes youthfulness and playfulness, both things I would use to describe myself.

My 21st Birthday Makeup

From a young age, I found that I gravitated towards makeup and found that I could somehow memorise facts about products such as when they launched, their price and even when they discontinued. These strange little things I remembered always seemed to help with friends and family who would come to me for advice.

My love for makeup is also represented throughout this blog and most certainly on my TikTok page. @oliviajlopez

To say makeup is my only skill is a flat-out lie. I know I’m a good cook and love food but I especially love making desserts. I love the strict process of baking and have always liked strict routines and rules because they always turn out the way you plan, unlike how makeup application gives you complete creative freedom.

Although these 2 skills in my opinion are super different to one another, they show who I am and why I am the way I am. I love creative freedom, but I like guidelines and rules to assist me with my final desired result. When you pick up an eyeshadow palette, you pretty much know the type of look you will create, but how you create it is completely up to the user whereas baking is a skill many find restricting because if the recipe is not followed precisely, the dessert will certainly not turn out as planned.

A skill really speaks volumes about a person, but to get to truly know them, you need to be able to watch them whilst in and out of their skill zone to see what they’re really like. Skills and quality/personality traits when paired and observed can give away more than what that person would share. So don’t think I’m a strict, play-by-the-rules girl who wears pink and dreams about makeup, because that’s just the tiny tip of the iceberg. You will find when you get to know me, that I may completely surprise you.

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