Week 1 and we are back for round 2 of online learning and girl am I happy to be back! After a long needed break, I can definitely say I missed learning. I missed being intrigued and interested in the things being taught during my lessons. I missed hearing voices through my headphones and I missed the discussions we had during our lessons!

Now that we are back, we have been proposed to find something that brings curiosity to our lives about university student experience. For me that’s simple. I find it so interesting getting to learn about people and discovering the hobbies they enjoy when not studying. I am someone who has struggled to find hobbies that fulfil me and bring me joy, almost to the point where I have buried myself in work and Uni.

So I pose to you the question, What’s your name, age and favourite hobby you enjoy doing when not studying for uni work?

My name is Olivia, I am 19 turning 20 mid year (such a scary thought) and the hobby I will always cherish yet do not do enough is doing my makeup or collecting makeup.

Did you get that vibe from me? Let me know below. Did you know these things already?


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