BCM313 Narrative Interview Reflection

As part of my narrative interview presentation, interviewing my mum gave me further insight into things I never knew about my mum’s career history. I had always known my mum as this strong, independent and In charge woman. In contrast, whilst interviewing, I discovered she preferred to refer to herself as personable, adaptable, open andContinue reading “BCM313 Narrative Interview Reflection”

Listening Essay- Ashley Tank

I struggle with listening tasks not because I don’t want to hear but because I’ve always considered myself a talker. This made the task of listening to understand rather than listening to respond a challenging one for me. I decided to listen to the conversation with Ashley Tank. Ashley is the Executive Director Global atContinue reading “Listening Essay- Ashley Tank”

BCM313 Narrative Reflection

I have always disliked change and disruption in my life because of the uncertainty it brings into my everyday routine. I am the type of person who has always had a set wake-up time with enough notice of what my work week and/or my school/uni week or the combination of the two was going toContinue reading “BCM313 Narrative Reflection”

A Skill I’m Particularly Good At

To ask me to decide on 1 skill I feel I’m particularly good at is extremely difficult, but the first thing to come to mind is makeup knowledge and its application. I am no makeup artist, but I most certainly possess the same skill and products they use to complete a full glam or aContinue reading “A Skill I’m Particularly Good At”