Ariana Grande for my media niche?


ARIANA GRANDE. The woman who has gone through more than many her age and has had her life in the spotlight since the age of 13. She has privileged the world with 6 incredibly produced albums with more records broken than many other artists, 20 world records and counting to be exact (Ahlgrim, 2021). I more than believe and agree she is single handedly the best vocalist of this generation. Yes, I said it, THE BEST VOCALIST OF THIS GENERATION.

During this semester, I plan to research the different types of tiny elephants or arianators, identifying the personas within this beautiful, loving and accepting community. My interest within this field comes from my own curiosity for identifying the type of fan or persona I may fit into. Am I the crazy obsessed fan my friends think I am? or am I the average fan who just follows and likes her music?

Within every fan community there are the obvious super fans who follow their idol everywhere they go, whether that is physical travel or virtually following and staying most up to date. Then you have the fans who actively seek to leak old music or exciting upcoming news and events, but there are also the fake fans who only use their time to spread hate and negativity. Although I’ve quickly identified a few personas, I want to break it down further and find the specifics about Ariana Grande fans. I want to identify and determine what differentiates between each persona.

So my goal is to bring a spotlight into this area and identify these personas that exist. My aim is to show those who think obsessing over Ariana Grande is lame that in actual fact it is not. That her talent is beyond measurable. I aspire to bring awareness to those who know very little about the community and that her talent has helped many millions of people. I hope to show and explain how her presence has helped and changed lives. This may sound strange at first, but I promise there is an explanation coming, which I hope to uncover and bring light to, by studying and interacting with fans on social media and telling their story.

And just quickly, are you the Yours Truly stan who is just living in honeymoon avenue and lovin it? Are you My Everything and my best mistake or do I have a problem? Are you the Dangerous Woman who’s sometimes greedy? Are you the Sweetener fan who is just better off breathin? Are you just saying thank u next and ghostin everyone around you with a fake smile? or are the positions you’re in just like magic and obvious?

I would love to know so answer me this, which “era” as Ariana Grande fans call it, did you begin to maybe like or start paying attention to her music and talent?

All of Ariana Grande's Albums, Ranked From Worst to Best
(Ahlgrim 2021)


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‌Ahlgrim, C 2021, All of Ariana Grande’s albums, ranked, Insider, Insider, viewed 31 July 2021, <;.

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