Looking back at BCM214 I must admit it was probably one of the more challenging classes I took this semester. Not because I didn’t enjoy the content but because I had to step out of my comfort zone. BCM214 required research but the research that you could then apply to your semester-long project. 

Working on our projects in groups of 3 was also something I found hard to do as the perfectionist in me wanted to have everything done in the way I envisioned but thankfully my group was present in class week after week and we had great communication with each other. This was extremely helpful because we were always aware of what we needed to do. 

The amount of research required for this subject was at times overwhelming, with word and time limits, I had to make sure what I was using from my research was relevant and made a positive point towards the project idea we were developing. My group and I had initially decided to develop an idea in a virtual community. Upon researching the topic and throwing out some ideas, we decided it was best to swap to robotics and automation. We did this as we did not feel confident with virtual communities. In my opinion, this was the best decision we made. 

With robotics and automation, we decided to delve into the world of digital robotics and automation. This was how we introduced our idea in assessment 1. Our idea Styled 4 You takes the data provided by the user upon registering. With this, the online bots generate all the clothing and accessories that would fit the style you described. 

But why would this be useful, if we can just filter a website when online shopping? Simply put, filtering a website is annoying and brings up things you still won’t like. We wanted to make online shopping easier because let’s be real it’s a long process. 

Our idea incorporates aspects of Pinterest and Netflix but goes beyond the digital robotics and automation that generates your style. In assessment 2 we focused more on the robotics and automation that is not seen by the website’s users. The warehouse processing for Styled 4 You uses robots to pick and pack the items selected by the buyer, sending the order over to the packing station waiting to be collected by the couriers. 

The research we conducted for assessment 2 tried to analyse all the areas we could improve upon or sadly negatively affect because of advancements in robotics and automation. We included ways of assisting both users and employees, the environment and potential policies that could affect the operation of Styled 4 You. As a group, we tried to be thorough and cover all areas that had any effect. 

Overall, looking back at this semester and the assessments we had completed, I can confidently say that I am proud of what my group and I accomplished. We worked hard and well, we made everything fair and equal and we tried our very best to put our best work forward. 

I want to thank my team members for making our group assessments enjoyable also making it feel like we were in a normal university environment, so THANK YOU!


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