BCM212 -Portfolio Reflection

With BCM212, I wanted to discover what students considered success to be whilst in a university setting to see if those around me felt the same way as I did about the topic. I understand success in university to be both a feeling of achievement as well as completing my degree and gaining employment afterContinue reading “BCM212 -Portfolio Reflection”

BCM212 Research Proposal- Understanding Success in a University Setting

As a perfectionist, I strive to be the best I can be, I strive for success. To understand success we need its definition, success can be defined as achieving the results wanted or hoped for. Universities also aim for success from their students. Success is measured is in numerical form and provided to students afterContinue reading “BCM212 Research Proposal- Understanding Success in a University Setting”


2020 brought us challenges. It introduced the transition between on campus studying to virtual online learning, and for some created a new normal university experience. For those who were lucky enough to begin their studies on campus, I applaud you for the transition but I can understand how this transition would have disrupted your universityContinue reading “BCM212 PROJECT PITCH”


Week 1 and we are back for round 2 of online learning and girl am I happy to be back! After a long needed break, I can definitely say I missed learning. I missed being intrigued and interested in the things being taught during my lessons. I missed hearing voices through my headphones and IContinue reading “BCM212- CURIOSITY”