BCM112- Digital Artefact Pitch

Welcome back to my blog! Hi how are ya?

If you understood the line above and pronounced it the way it would usually be said, well you watch a lot of youtube or you just watch Jeffree Star. Either way that was a hint as to what i’ll be doing for my Digital Artefact.

I decided that if have to post a Youtube video about my DA, why not continue posting? By doing this I can incorporate some of the ideas from my previous blog post and turn them into Youtube videos!

I will be posting once a week, posting beauty/makeup vides, lifestyle videos such as vlogs and any video that I feel would fit into my channel. My channel is about me and my life which I will document through the videos I post. I also hope to educate through some of my videos as I hope to post a few advice videos.

So until next time, BYYEEE! (Yes another one of my Youtuber’s say this)


Twitter: OliviaJLopez

Youtube Channel: Olivia Lopez

2 thoughts on “BCM112- Digital Artefact Pitch

    1. Hi Leah, Yes I did have my eyebrows and mascara done. To me, that’s not makeup as it’s not a full glam look like I’m used to, but yes it would come under me wearing makeup. When I filmed the video though I meant that comment as in didn’t have a lot of makeup on that made it look like I was wearing it e.g. foundation. You will notice that I have an obsession with doing my eyebrows even though I probably don’t need to. Like my front page says, Eyebrows are the one thing you can get into shape without exercising. Thank you, Olivia


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