BCM112-Digital Artefact Ideas

I do not own any of these images

So our digital artefacts we are meant to do something we like or are interested in or just simply know a lot about. So if you were to ask me what I knew a lot about or what interested me or asked me what I like doing, my answer would be simple- MAKEUP!

I love everything to do with makeup. I love the application process, the constant releases of products, the way these cosmetic companies promote their product launches and their sales to the beauty community on Youtube and Instagram. From the inevitable drama between all these beauty community members or influencers as they like to be called, to the launches of their companies. I love all of it. But do I want to use this love and passion I have for this beauty community to base my Digital Artefact on?

My answer is mixed. Yes I do but no because I think I want to try new things. So I made a list last week about possible ideas that could be used as my Digital Artefact. Comment and let me know what you may think would be interesting to see me try out!

I do not own any of these images

Here’s the list I created last week!

  1. Makeup Instagram account (2 looks 1 palette, 3 pictures a day or at any one time would be posted)
  2. Makeup blog or Instagram (reviews, pictures and my opinions on new launches)
  3. Instagram Influencer (trying to see if this will actually work)
  4. How to save money for the future (a blog for uni students/young adults). A guide on how I have been able to own my own car and pay for all my makeup and designer items.
  5. Bargain hunter blog or Instagram (finding and updating the followers on deals to save us money on all categories)


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