How do you think you went with Assignment 2?

Putting BCM110’s Assignment 2 was a struggle. Researching and putting together the assignment took me longer than usual because I was extremely unmotivated to even begin. As I have never heard of or written an annotated bibliography, I was very unsure of what I was doing and if what I’ve done is even correct. Once I was past reading and researching and had completed my annotated bibliography, I found that I enjoyed creating the rest of the report. Overall I feel like I have completed a decent job. I have taken the guide on how to construct an annotated bibliography to complete the task.

What points were difficult or easy?

I truly did not like writing the annotated bibliography. I find it quite confusing especially when we also have to construct a reference list. Finding motivation to write a report in a structure I’ve not use before was both frustrating and un-motivating. I would have much preferred to write an essay because I don’t feel as though I have written enough especially with the 1000 word limit. The only thing that was easy to do was reaching the 1000 word limit but I would have preferred a slightly larger limit.

What do you believe you’ll do for your presentation, based on the sources you’ve already analysed?

I believe I will end up creating a slideshow type of video presentation and uploading it to Youtube. That way others who may want to look into the topic I’ve studied are able to watch the video and use the sources I referenced to conduct their own research or report. My sources had quite a few graphs and tables to show their findings which I may include in my presentation and hence why a video presentation will be the simplest and most effective format to present my research.

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