The Medium is the Message

By reading the title I too was also confused. My first thought was WTF does that even mean! So don’t fear, Liv is here! I’m going to try my best to help you to understand how the medium is in fact the message.

My remediation

McLuhan defines what the ‘medium’ is as “any extension of ourselves”. The medium therefore aids us in promoting our message rather than being the message. For example, a pen is an extension of ourselves as we use it to help us complete what we wish or hope to write or draw.

We can then understand that ‘the medium is the message’ by understanding that it is the characteristics of anything we create (the medium) that has the potential to change the effect of the message.

So basically, “the way we send and receive information is more important than the information itself” (Eudamonia video).

My remediation



Eudaimonia, 2016, The Medium is the message by Marshall McLuhan, online video, December 7th 2016 ,viewed 24th of March 2020,

4 thoughts on “The Medium is the Message

  1. Hi Olivia, this is a great post. When I was writing my post on the medium is the message, your blog was one of the few that I visited that helped me get a better understanding of what Marshall McLuhan actually meant. Your blog was very lengthy and informative and it helped me to understand better. The way I interpreted it was that a medium is anything from which a change emerges. In my blog I used an example of a flower on soil. Soil being the medium and the flower being the message. I would be interested to know if you agree with what I wrote. In the meantime, as I’ve mentioned before, great blog, I just wish you had some references that I could’ve used to help me in my blog HAHA.


    1. Hi Aleks, I will edit my post and add my references but thank you for saying that my post helped you better understand the concept! I was really confused at first but after reading articles and watching a youtube video it clicked in my head. I’ll be heading to your post to give it a read. I agree with the flower in the soil example you mentioned though.

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  2. Your blog post was really informative, explaining it in the way you understood the topic made me think about it and do agree. I was also confused when hearing about the topic, after completing my blog post I came and had a read at yours. Your choice of meme is really creative, the facial expressions really completed it off HAHA! For my remediation i basically just did a text, glitch effect and a facial expression. Good job

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  3. Omg, i had the exact same thought as well. Confused… However, actually reading through your blog post i found it really helpful. It was lengthly in a positive way and now I’m really thinking about the topic. Can walk away from this knowing I understood something. Overall, I think you did a great job explaining even though you were confused! Great post olivia

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